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ScaleFocus pro-bono projects: transforming the online presence of the Embassy of Bulgaria in the UK

ScaleFocus is constantly expanding the areas of cooperation. Beyond the services and solutions for startups, SMEs and Fortune 100 companies, our team is expanding the relationships with non-government organizations...

Growing the excellence in ScaleFocus - awarded ISO 14001 Certificate

We successfully passed the certification audit for ISO 14001 This year is filled up with diversity of opportunities for innovative projects. ScaleFocus took on new specialized software projects, along with recognitions...

ScaleFocus supports and digitally transforms charity oragizations

The digital transformation of the “I CAN TOO” foundation ScaleFocus’ team is constantly expanding its areas of operations and continuing to build strong relationships with different types of organizations,...

Specialized software supports active ageing at home

The SAAM (Supporting Active Ageing through multimodal coaching) project participants officially met on a kick-off meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 12. “A virtual assistant has prevented a fire.”...