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ScaleFocus’ GoIns mobile application authorized by SAP

ScaleFocus passed an authorization process by SAP for its’ unique mobile application – GoIns. In December 2015 our company presented the idea and developed prototype in the SAP HCP...

ScaleFocus with license for its Innovation Management

ScaleFocus continuously work to achieving more and more certifications on its innovation business model. As you can remember we had achieved great success in Innovation Management after going through...

Процедура за избор на доставчици по проект „Технологии на ФОКУС”

Във връзка с проект „ТЕХНОЛОГИИ НА ФОКУС”, изпълняван по ДБФП №: BG16RFOP002-2.001-1180-С01/29.03.2016 г., по процедура BG16RFOP002-2.001 “Подобряване на производствения капацитет в МСП” на ОП “Иновации и конкурентоспособност” 2014-2020, бенефициентът„Скейл Фокус” АД открива Процедура за...

ScaleFocus takes part at the National Outsourcing Association Symposium ’16 in the United Kingdom

The biggest outsourcing event in the United Kingdom took place on the 22nd of June in London. ScaleFocus was represented at the forum and enjoyed the company of prominent...