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8 Game-Changing Trends in the Telecommunications Industry (2018-2021)

We strongly believe Telecoms are essential for our society and its development – they connect us in many ways at many locations around the globe. Telcos have been mastering this for decades. However, this excellence, comes at a great cost and the burden of a great responsibility, being the main driver of our digital world. ...

5 Steps to Successful IT Projects

When Expectations Do Meet Reality “Hat off for the tremendous piece of work you just completed for EMEA AR info center code refactoring. THANK YOU for continuously bringing data to the next level. I’m proud to face the upcoming challenges at your side.” Marco Bellini, Global Account Receivable Transformation Lead, IBM It is great to receive such appreciations, especially when it comes ...
ScaleFocus' expertise on GDPR

Just how tough is GDPR for large enterprises?

Large Enterprises and GDPR Ever since its establishment in 2012, ScaleFocus has been serving telecoms, banks and other large enterprises with millions of B2C users. As years have passed, markets were disrupted and regulations were pushed. We have become a trusted partner of over 120+ companies. We stay side by side with all clients and make ...
Digitalization vs. Digital Transformation: A Trojan Horse or a Golden Opportunity?

Digitalization vs Digital Transformation: A Trojan Horse or a Golden Opportunity?

Want to start your digital transformation? Is your company ready for it? Think carefully, before you shout yes. The constantly changing customer preferences have driven businesses to change and adapt to the new conditions, in order to survive and remain competitive. Being flexible is essential, since new inventions come to life every day. Ever since ...
Starting up or down

A distributed growth model for your Startup can help you avoid deadly pitfalls and achieve faster time to market

Engage a Fully Dedicated Professional Team Building a new product requires a team composed of a business analyst, UI/UX designer, software engineers and quality assurance professionals. Each of these roles is highly specialized and key to any product development. Bringing in new co-founders with the right tech-skills accelerates the burn-rate and leads to equity dilution. Instead, ...