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Starting up or down

A distributed growth model for your Startup can help you avoid deadly pitfalls and achieve faster time to market

Engage a Fully Dedicated Professional Team Building a new product requires a team composed of a business analyst, UI/UX designer, software engineers and quality assurance professionals. Each of these roles is highly specialized and key to any product development. Bringing in new co-founders with the right tech-skills accelerates the burn-rate and leads to equity dilution. Instead, ...
ScaleFocus' consultants go the extra mile in customer relationship management.

Engaging vs “Throwing Bodies”

The power of commitment, trust and transparency in fixed-bid projects What do you have left, if you fail yourself? Yeah, your next breath. And the next move. And the choice of tailoring things, making them better. Same in software development projects. Things go wrong sometimes. Despite all good intentions, extra efforts and genuine commitment. A feature takes ...

Brexit or not, think about your Techxit

To Brexit or not to Brexit? That is the question. Let policy makers do their job. And while they are figuring out the next steps, what is best, what needs to be done, how the whole exit strategy will work out – think about your Techxit (Technology Exit). Despite the odds, your business needs to go ...
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Give more to gain more: result-driven engagements for quality outsourcing

The changes we have witnessed in the ITO and BPO sectors in the last year are greater than the changes we have witnessed in the past ten. Why? Due to powerful phenomena that create unprecedented business disruption – digitalization, real-time analytics, and cloud technology. All these trigger the imperatives of agility, innovation and reinvention. Be ...
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Beyond joy! A lifestyle of excellence, fun & wow!-ed partners

Just off one of numerous sessions that happened in the last couple of weeks. A session with colleagues from the Data Management and Analytics team along with a potential customer. This is what I call ‘delivered hands-on wow-factor’! :) A live session of a senior consultant playing with the technology, digging, trying, analyzing on the ...