Cloud Analytics: Real-time added value for the retail

Cloud Analytics

Retail Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics big data and analytics platform provides insightful analysis to retailers without the challenges to meet the complexity of the standard business intelligence solutions.


Gain benefits while outsourcing complexity in the Cloud

  • No in-house infrastructure and IT staff needed
  • Delivered in a SaaS model – scale as you need
  • No changes in the IT environment are required
  • Flexible SaaS Model, allowing for customizations


Deployed and Ready-to-use

  • Process all data types from all types of specialized systems. Fully automated Initial data load
  • Incremental data loads are fully under the retailer’s management to meet all security requirements


Hidden insights in the data – pre-defined and ready to use

  • Dashboards
  • Drill-down reports
  • Overall performance dashboards
  • Operations management
  • Store management
  • Marketing management
  • Category management
  • Promotional Analysis
  • Promotional effectiveness
  • Promotional cannibalism
  • “HALO” effect
  • Customers decile segmentation
  • Target offers and benefits
  • Customers centric merchandising
  • Evaluation of promotional campaigns across customers segments
  • Automated and integrated output with other systems


Retail specifics based business model ready-to-use

  • Ready-to-use model of dimensions and metrics – access the reports and dashboards real-time
  • Business discovery & analytics needs lead basis to predesigned special metrics for advanced analytics
  • The multitenant infrastructure allows customization to meet specific customers requirements without affecting other ‘cloud’ accounts


Cloud Analytics Engagement Model

The usual time-to-market is between 3 and 5 weeks, depending on the business complexity. The stages we go through are: Prestaging > Data onboarding and quality check > User Acceptance > Go Live.

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