Need data? We'll scrape the web for you.

Web Scraping Framework

ScaleFocus’ Web Scraping Framework has a powerful engine for automated web crawling, data extraction, data transformation, intelligence and visualization.

Custom-designed powerful engine

  • Access to a massive web crawling and extracting framework, configurable to meet your exact data.
  • Collect, monitor and track content from single website or the entire Internet.
  • Massively scalable, unlike simple crawlers and scripts.
  • Automated delivery of structured content.
  • Flawless extract of dynamic content.
  • Custom reporting and visualization.



The architecture is designed for simple integration with available APIs. Topped with a dedicated team to plug it in your existing infrastructure and systems.


The framework was tested with simultaneous scanning and scraping of over 1000 websites in intervals of 1 to 2 seconds. The requests and information handled easily within less than 24 hours is more than 100 million requests and 1 terabyte of data.

Target Usage

The framework can help you gather and analyze various types of data. Targeting price comparison, market analysis, lead generation or social networks, we leave the needs to your imagination.

Follow closely where your competition is positioned in the digital world. Gain access to hidden online knowledge. Understand potential customers better.

Web Scraping Framework Engagement Model

The web scraping framework is offered through an end-to-end service model. It is hosted in a highly secure data center. The data gathering is customized to meet various specifications. Data is actively and continually monitored and adjusted.

Choose your sources, target data, output format and scrapping period and ScaleFocus will take care of all the details.


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