Today’s data management and analytics solutions landscape is overwhelming

Having your data engineers and data scientists focused on addressing day-to-day operations is hampering your abilities to innovate and stay efficient and competitive.

Our team of 50+ Data Consultants will provide to you top-notch vendor-independent consultancy services and will take excellent care of your data & analytics environment no matter its complexity or obsolesce. Besides the commoditized consultancy and sourcing services portfolio, we provide advanced and niche capabilities covering the following specialized domains:

  • Data governance, lifecycle management and retention
  • Proof of Concepts for early adoption opportunities
  • Advanced Data UI/UX for reporting, dashboards, lenses, infographics and mobile
  • Data security and anonymization
  • Enhanced Managed Services portfolio including continuous data quality, data cleansing and data enrichment services, 24/7 support, hosting and collocation services etc.


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