Are you getting the most of your enterprise analytics tools?

How can you further leverage your current investments in traditional Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse deployments and start benefiting from your Big Data initiatives? Do you take advantage from the plethora of industry-specific and task-specific tools and as-a-service cloud solutions?

We have addressed these questions by growing our Hybrid Enterprise Data Store approach to deliver the Enterprise Decision Platform your business needs. We will deploy your enterprise analytics framework focusing on the current and future business needs. Here are the core components of the Platform:

  • Hybrid Enterprise Data Store: Enterprise Data Warehouse + Data Lakes
  • Next-generation data integration: ETL, ELT, Streaming Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics: Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics
  • Massively Parallel Processing Engines (Teradata, Netezza etc.)
  • On-prem, hybrid and cloud-based Big Data deployments
  • Cloud/XaaS analytics services, such as IBM Watson
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence

I need an enterprise decision platform!