How old is your data briefcase?

You have made significant investments in traditional analytics databases, data integration processes and massively parallel processing platforms which are now obsolete because of the data exponential growth. Market-disrupting competitors have jumped directly into cost-effective Big Data solutions and have tremendously pulled ahead.

We will get you back on the pole position by simultaneously reinventing your current infrastructure and adopting future-proof Cloud analytics stacks:

  • Reengineering traditional staged DWH/MPP/ETL/BI deployments to accommodate Big Data scale
  • Migration and modernization of OLAP databases, OLTP databases and ETL processes
  • Migration and responsive redesign of traditional reports and dashboards
  • Infrastructure migration and modernization from on-prem to hybrid and 100% Cloud deployments
  • Strategy and roadmap for Cloud adoption and obsolete systems retirement
  • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS analytics solutions for large data sets


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