Building a software solution is only a fraction of its lifetime. It needs to be nurtured and aligned with your market’s speed and your customers’ changing needs.

ScaleFocus is certified under ISO 20000-1 standard for IT service management. Each project we deliver and provide support for is defined and overseen under the ISO standard in a uniformed manner. Our ISO system ensures structured approach efficiency, effectiveness and quality of services provided.

You can leverage our regular support services or advanced managed services for:

  • Software support – web, desktop and mobile applications. We cover all types of software systems.
  • Software infrastructure support – systems operations, including monitoring, network, firewalls etc.


There are two major support scenarios we engage-in:

  • Your custom software, developed by us, is complemented by both software and infrastructure support services.
  • Our teams can step-in to overtake existing systems, regardless of complexity and state.


Regular software and infrastructure support Managed software and infrastructure services
System and infrastructure monitoring, troubleshooting, escalation and reactive measures Yes Yes
Prophylactic activities and review of setup, proposing corrective and remediation actions Yes Yes
Ad-hoc alignment with changing business requirements and fixes, monitoring Limited Yes
Focus on Service Delivery, Best Practices, Service Quality, Optimization and Continuous Service Improvement. KPIs & SLAs are used to measure service performance Limited Full


You will benefit from an enterprise-grade support:

  • ISO-based processes
  • Process automation focus
  • ITIL certified support engineers
  • Solid escalation management
  • Enterprise-grade automated incident management
  • Infrastructure (system operations) and software support – 2nd and 3rd level
  • Time overlapping with remote teams
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Technologies we use:

YouTrack, Nagios, KEMP Load Balancer, Jenkins, Zabbix, IBM Tivoli


Escalation paths:

GSM, hot-line phone, email


Choose your fitted support mode

8×5, 24×7, 8×7, 12×7 or contact us if you have another in mind.

I would like to benefit from an enterprise-grade support!