Have you calculated your in-hose hosting and what about maintenance and depreciation costs? How do you plan to scale as you grow?

The opportunities with cloud are as vast as the horizon. Our cloud riding team engage in building your ultimate iron-free flexibility. Cloud solutions are not built for a simple virtual storage, they are crafted through a shifted programming paradigm in order to leverage truly scalability, security and performance.

Your cloud journey, backed by our services:

Cloud enablement and consultancy:

  • Development of a solid holistic cloud strategy
  • Analysis of cloud readiness and adoption
  • Platform analysis and selection
  • Attitude, inspiration and change of development mentality
  • Strategic plan for development and processes setup
  • Strategic roll-out plan for gradual move of on premise to the cloud
  • Cloud and Infrastructure restructure and architecture
  • Cloud audit – code, processes, strategy, security


Cloud development:

  • Full lifecycle coverage from business analysis to maintenance, put into clud perspective
    • Business and technical analysis
    • Cloud-centered architecture and design
    • Cloud-native development
    • Testing and building infrastructure etc.
  • DevOps techniques and process
  • Adapting to Cloud – migration, refactoring, and complete redo to cloud-centered and native
  • Private, Public and Hybrid implementations – It all depends on your compliance needs and maturity
  • Cloud platform as a service – development, using ready functionality and modules in the cloud
  • Specialized quick bootstrap for startups and businesses with need for quick time to market


Your journey is enabled through our expertise in:

  • Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud-native application development
  • Cloud architecture and cloud-style development evangelism


Some of the cloud technologies we use:

AWS Lambda, SQS, SNS, EMR, Dymano DB, Kubernetes, Dockers, ECS


I would like to start my cloud journey!