How do you deliver effectively information to your customers, partners and employees?

The world is bombarded with information. Your portal solutions need to make sense of data and present it simply.

Engage your target groups in your ultimate information places:

  • B2C and B2B self-care portals integrated with your core systems, delivering flawless customer experience
  • Service and product marketing portals including relationship building, promotion and information management
  • Intranet portals, connecting dispersed teams and bridging communities with your enterprise


We manage such solutions via:

  • Custom portals – HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, CSS, Java EE, AngularJS, FLEX, GWT, VBScript, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Java EE, PERL, Ruby on Rails, WS (XML, SOAP, HTTP etc.), TCP/IP, Struts, Vaadin, jBoss etc.
  • Commercial and open source – IBM WebSphere, Microsoft SharePoint, Liferay, WordPress etc.


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