Imagine. Inspire. Deliver. Innovate.

Bridging the Gap

We help startups succeed by subscribing to core start-up values and passion while focusing on implementing high-quality software products that can be distributed on a large scale.

Shared passion

ScaleFocus is a vigorous organization of dynamic professionals – established IT specialists with many years of software delivery and management experience. Our team is more than just experienced in technology: we are enthusiastic and bright professionals who are experienced in implementing innovations for business success. We embrace:

  • Agile development and flexibility
  • Proven software delivery methodologies applied to innovative solutions
  • Enjoying work while shaping up the future

Inspired by the startups’ world

Creativity and determination would struggle on their own. They also require focus and execution. We get inspired by the enthusiasm of startups and turn their ideas intro products through quality, security and agile, fast delivery. We creatively combine technology and innovative business scalability strategies to achieve:

  • Reduced time-to-market (launching a solid product at the right time)
  • Excellent security and stability (a mature-looking solution is critical to get traction)
  • Industry expertise (experience in finance, telco/mobile, retail, energy, transportation)


Funding has its ups and downs. To save resources for an extra push or a drag, better make the most of funds you have managed to raise. When your investors see that you are spending cash judiciously, they will be willing to further boost success. ScaleFocus ensures that:

  • Your vision turns into products in a timely manner
  • Your angels and advisors see tangible results and traction
  • You are continuously shaping the future, one step at a time