Application Integration

Our application integration services will help all of your applications and systems work together to achieve new capabilities that reduce costs and provide business-critical insights


Application Integration is normally used by large companies with hundreds of systems, which aren’t functioning properly due to unstructured and complex IT landscapes. Direct system-to-system integration leads to slow delivery, high costs and is hard to maintain. By offering Application Integration we help our customers connect their applications, breaking down the information silos within their organization, allowing them to leverage the true value of connected business systems.

Scalefocus provides consultancy, implementation, migration and support services across proprietary enterprise integration products and open-source solutions. We utilize the latest technologies and best practices for both cloud and on-prem infrastructures.


Integration Strategy

We build and execute a holistic Integration Strategy tailored to specific business needs and technical requirements. Our experts analyze the current IT landscape, evaluate the integration needs, perform technology selection and define a reference architecture based on industry best practices and our extensive experience.

Integration Platform Implementation

Scalefocus incorporates proprietary and open-source integration platforms that allow businesses to easily manage and evolve their architecture. All of your cloud, on-prem and third-party applications are seamlessly integrated so you can innovate more quickly and accelerate your time to market.

API Management

We choose the best API management technologies by putting your business objectives first and create a secure layer that monitors, analyzes, reports, and enhances incoming and outgoing requests. We eliminate knowledge silos through proper API documentation and ensure smooth onboarding, swift implementation and integration.

Legacy Platform Modernization

We provide end-to-end modernization services that help organizations mitigate the consequences of using legacy products. Our services span the entire transition life cycle - from existing IT landscape analysis and creation of a migration roadmap, to the delivery of a new Application Integration Platform.

Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise

Having experience in a diverse range of technologies in both proprietary enterprise integration products and open-source solutions makes us flexible and able to provide enterprise grade solutions at a competitive price.

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We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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