Liberate yourself from support and maintenance issues

Focus on your core business while our team of experienced professionals take care of the rest

What does the ACC do?

Software Audit


Not satisfied with your current software provider or seeking for one? Our Application Continuity professionals do a complete software audit to give you a detailed status assessment with recommendations for enhancements.

Keeps your infrastructure available


We will start by examining your current infrastructure and preparing a strategy for continuous support operation that responds to your unique business needs.

Ensures Software Continuity


Today’s business is very dynamic and often simple pre-defined services are necessary to maximize your business value. We will resolve issues of any complexity level and take care of the evolution of your software.

Enables Application Upgrades


  • Software needs to be constantly improved. To maximize your business value, the Scalefocus ACC provides source code issue resolution, application code optimization, new functionality implementation and more.
  • The solution provides Continuous Application Monitoring.
  • We can monitor your application and overall system performance 24x7x365 to ensure zero downtime.

Why do you need an ACC?

Make sure your services are up and running


The Application Continuity Center provides continuous services that include systematic development, know-how, and professional work which keeps your systems in premium shape, brings cost efficiency, and security. Entrust us with your software and focus on your business.

Our offer:

  • Applications Support and Maintenance
  • Monitoring, Automation and Notification for application availability, performance and capacity
  • 3rd party application takeover

Get continuous infrastructure services


The ACC enables seamless continuous infrastructure support including:

  • Maintenance of on-premises/cloud software solutions
  • Guaranteed solution uptime
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Virtualization, cloud computing
  • Backup solutions setup

Benefit from application support & maintenance


Our solution provides guaranteed uptime and support for your solutions at an acceptable cost. We offer:

  • Professional support team, maintaining the state of your app
  • Fast and reliable issue resolution
  • First responders and issue owners until resolution


Continuous Application Support & Maintenance Process


1.   Gather the requirements

Contact us and share your requirements. Our experts will review your request and get in touch within 24 hours.

2.  Choose engagement models & timelines

Based on your requirements, we suggest the best engagement model, estimated timelines and cost for support and maintenance activities.

3.   Support initiation & delivery.

The support is allocated to the Application Continuity Center and runs seamlessly.


3rd Party Application Takeover

The Scalefocus ACC carries out complete third-party applications or system takeovers and provides full, consistent and dedicated support for the rest of their life.

Why software takeover?

There are situations where things do not go as planned and you need to get things back on track fast. We can help you take control over your systems and applications no matter if your new software doesn’t fit for its purposes or you were simply left with an incomplete/failing system and a business that’s suffering as a result.

The Application Continuity Center will help you recover from troubling situations such as:

  • Unfinished offshore outsourced projects or such of poor quality
  • Software that isn’t fit for its purposes
  • Development companies going out of business in the middle of the project
  • Your developer is an independent consultant and decided to leave you
  • Falling out with a development company due to project slippage or poor quality
  • Your software uses bad or outdated programming languages


3-step third-party application takeover process:

1. Handover

  • Knowledge transfer from present team to the ACC
  • Architecture & code audit
  • Related documentation auditing
  • Functional and performance testing

2. Remedy activities

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance tuning
  • Missed documentation replenishment
  • Improvements planning

3. Maintenance & support

  • Online helpdesk and support services
  • Scheduled and on-demand updates
  • Issue tracking and rectification
  • Backup and recovery

Why choose us

While most IT support teams operate a three-tier system, the Applications Continuity Center embraces ‘Swarming’ – a networked collaboration model. In simple words, swarming facilitates a process, based on collaboration instead of escalation.

The swarm support team enables swiftness when solving tickets and ease of collaboration.


Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Initiate a customer-centric approach: efficient, clear and transparent
  • Improve customer experience, focused on customer success and value realization
  • Reduce incident resolution time and cost to resolve support tickets
  • Work with a stronger and more engaged team


The ACC was specifically designed to make your support and maintenance tasks hassle-free. Here are some of the reasons to choose us:

  • Experienced support & maintenance professionals
  • Proactive IT maintenance, based on latest technologies
  • Fast and reliable ticket response and resolution
  • 24×7x 365 availability
  • Simple integration using Jira Service Desk


Pricing model

Choose the model, that fits you best or contact us and we will create a tailored one.

Support 8/5

  • 8/5 support
  • 8/5 application services
  • 5 support tickets
  • 5 service tickets

starting from

2900 EUR/month

Support 24/7

  • 24/7 support
  • 8/5 services
  • 7 support tickets
  • 7 service tickets

starting from

4900 EUR/month

Have a specific request? Contact us for a tailored support offer.