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Big Data Software Development in 2022 and Beyond

Big Data Software Development in 2022 and Beyond

Published on: 20 Sep 2022 6 min read

Connecting information in a single ecosystem that leverages data and advanced analytics gives businesses a competitive advantage. That is why enterprises need to break down data silos and connect platforms, databases, people, and business outcomes to reap the benefits of Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Investment in intelligent analytics software is futile if the underlying data is inferior. Quality data and data-driven insights, on the other hand, improve operational efficiency, decision-making processes, and customer service experience.

Big Data Software Development in 2022 and Beyond

The Scalefocus development services focus on multiple data aspects, including Relational Database applications, Data Lakes and Advanced Analytics that steer our partners towards complete data optimization.

Big Data Software Development in 2022 and Beyond

1. Data Strategy

Enterprises need comprehensive data strategies to solve data-related challenges. These include data integrity, quality, and privacy, slow and inefficient business processes, lack of clarity about critical business needs, and data duplication.

It is also true that the vast amounts of data are hard to manage effectively, and setting up a holistic data strategy is a daunting task most enterprises are unsure how to tackle.

That is where top-of-the-line data engineers, analysts, and scientists come into the picture. They are indispensable for implementing innovative and agile solutions, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation.

Out data teams at Scalefocus can help you set up and follow an integrated enterprise data strategy, so that you can unlock the business value of your data.

2. Database Architecture and Design

A well-structured database optimizes data accuracy and integrity, saves resources, and facilitates data access. To design an efficient database, a vendor needs to identify its purpose and then organize, analyze, and standardize the data tables. However, data or protocol standardization can be challenging when legacy systems and tools are still in use. This means legacy data transformation is paramount for leveraging modern systems.

Building on-premise or cloud databases that meet the companies’ performance and security requirements enables them to blend data and real-time business insights with the help of Big Data, Data Lakes, and streaming analytics platforms. We at Scalefocus and our remote delivery centers have extensive experience with various databases and use-cases, including OLTP, OLAP, and customized solutions.

3. Data Modelling

Data modelling is the process of visual data representation based on business needs. The conceptual (or domain) data models are typically applied at a project starting point and define the content, mapping, and business rules involved. Less abstract and far more nuanced – the logical models are introduced at the next stage. And they naturally lead into the physical models that specify where data is stored, the relationships among entities, and what keys are used to maintain them.

Data modelling is all about understanding relationships among the data in a database/warehouse and minimizing development errors. It improves communication and performance and accelerates the database design process and data mapping throughout the organization. Scalefocus’s expertise in data modelling ensures high-quality data and its visual representation by leveraging tools like ER/Studio, Toad Data Modeler, Navicat Data Modeler, Db Schema, etc.

4. On-Prem to Cloud Migration

Remote work and accelerated digital transformation have impacted many industries in a way that migrating on-prem data to the cloud has become the norm since the start of the 2020 pandemic. Cloud computing enables businesses to reduce costs from on-premise servers and infrastructure maintenance while boosting flexibility, scalability, and agility.

While benefiting the quality of data and velocity of operations, this trend has posed challenges businesses need to address, including database choice, data regulations, data security, etc. That is why service providers need to have a proven track record of managing successful on-prem to cloud migration strategies in various business and technological settings and to all major cloud providers.

5. Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics utilizes predictive modelling, deep learning, artificial intelligence, business process automation, etc. Its main objective is to extract data insights from different data sources and predict patterns and future events. As a result, this methodology brings actionable business value to the client and facilitates decision-making.

The main benefits of advanced data analytics are accurate forecasting, accelerated decision-making, deeper insight, and effective risk management. Data mining, big data analytics, machine learning – these are just a fraction of the techniques we at Scalefocus use as part of our nearshore and offshore development centers to help our partners get a competitive advantage.

6. ML/AI

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence facilitate business forecasting and decision-making, as they improve the overall efficiency of companies and enable them to solve complex problems. ML and AI algorithms are employed for advanced analytics and precise data mining to extract precious insights, recognize patterns, and detect anomalies typically unidentifiable to human experts.

However, to build working AI/ML strategies, businesses need to introduce rational processes for collecting, cleansing, governing, and utilizing data. Utilizing the Scalefocus remote software development centers has enabled our partners to clean and organize their data, get access to cutting-edge platforms and tools, and then implement the new, holistic data governance model.


Scalefocus Success Stories

Scalefocus has extensive experience in Big Data, you can read some of our success stories and find out how we have helped our partners overcome their data-related challenges below.


Data Warehouse Brings Operational Excellence in the Hospitality Industry

Data Warehouse Brings Operational Excellence in the Hospitality Industry

Challenge 1

A complete redesign of a company’s Data Warehouse to optimize customer and operational processes efficiency and enable global reporting and analytics as a prerequisite for future growth.

Solution 1

Scalefocus implemented an end-to-end Data Warehouse solution and developed a web portal for manual data import to achieve faster reporting time, operational excellence, enhanced customer centricity and improved bottom line.

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Innovative Digital Experience for Energy Trading

Data Lake for Energy Trading

Challenge 2

Delivering a fully digitalized customer experience by providing a real-time overview of the energy market, analyses, reports, pricing, and forecasts, unified in a single mobile application.

Solution 2

Scalefocus developed a native mobile application that serves as a new sales and communication channel with fast and easy access to accurate data and up-to-date market insights.

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Data Lake for Energy Trading

Innovative Digital Experience for Energy Trading

Challenge 3

Creating a flexible and scalable solution to keep market data flowing seamlessly across systems, processes and departments to ensure fast and high-quality insights.

Solution 3

Our team implemented a Data Lake based on Azure technologies, redesigned the data flow to guarantee data quality and integrity, and cleansed the data to ensure it meets quality standards.

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Data Strategy, Database Architecture and Design, Data Modelling, Migration from on-prem to cloud, Data Analytics, ML and AI – these are several data-related solutions that our nearshore and offshore partners now leverage seamlessly thanks to our teams’ involvement in their projects.

The Scalefocus development teams have experience with a wide variety of big data tools and databases, as well as different cloud providers in the fields of data migration, data analytics, data storage, and data lakes.

Our software engineers, data analysts, and project managers have a proven track record that speaks for itself. If you’d like to achieve a maximum data optimization, contact us and we will discuss your projects in detail.

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