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Conga Contract and Document Management

Conga Contract and Document Management

Published on: 28 Sep 2022 10 min read

Automated Contract Lifecycle Management systems like Conga CLM streamline template drafting, document generation, contract negotiations, and compliance processes and vastly improve the data quality to error-proof all information. Conga CLM accelerates creating and sending documents that can take days or even weeks to complete. This means sales and legal teams can quickly turn opportunities into deals.

What is Conga Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

Conga stands between the front-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and back-office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It covers the whole process from purchase through legal contracting to a completed transaction.

The Contract Management Suite by Conga significantly improves the way enterprises automate business functions. It is designed to fully suit the companies’ needs and accelerate the Document Management processes to free up legal and sales operation resources, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of execution.

Why Conga Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

Handling huge volumes of contracts can take ages when the process is not automated, so companies waste valuable time and resources they could spend focusing on their core activities. The sheer document volume also makes them prone to preventable errors that often cost dearly and risk liability if they fail to meet compliance and legal requirements.

The Conga on-demand applications provide users with full visibility and end-to-end management of their business. That explains Conga Contract Management’s universal appeal – it is typically used by large and mid-sized enterprises, although it is not uncommon for smaller companies, either.

The contract management abundance of functionalities allows companies to manage all sorts of contracts and processes. Due to the modular structure of Conga, they can also select specific parts of the contracts they would like to automate.

Conga CLM also enables legal, finance and sales teams to work on a contract directly from Microsoft Office with full synchronization to Salesforce. The automated drafting functionality increases efficiency and control, while languages can easily be inserted from the legal playbook with point-and-click controls.

Conga CLM can also tag terms and clauses in third-party papers and provides hassle-free management of third-party contracts. Even with track changes off, Conga CLM can automatically reconcile document older versions.

The CLM solution’s capabilities also include:

The CLM solution’s capabilities also include


Where Contract management ends and Document management begins

Both contract and document management are part of the contract lifecycle, and the Conga CLM solution enables contract management to seamlessly enter its document management phase.

Conga contract management

Conga CLM allows sales and legal departments to start a contract from any device for maximum adoption by every team. After the Request phase comes Drafting, where the CLM automatic and dynamic playbooks drive speed and accuracy. Agility and precision are crucial at this point, as turning a potential lead into a customer more often than not depends on these.

Conga document management

During the negotiation part of the contract lifecycle, the CLM tool minimizes risk with real-time text recommendations and redline reconciliation. After all suggestions and corrections and the documents’ approval, signing, and turning into legally binding documents, the document management sector of the system keeps all versions, signatures, and metadata.

Document management automation features like mass delete and mass update allow monitoring thousands of documents and their termination dates, renewals, amendments, etc.

Conga CLM Benefits

  • Conga CLM gives companies complete control of negotiations, amendments, and other sources of contract risk
  • Valuable insights into renewals and expirations help to increase customer retention and loyalty
  • The end-to-end contract management solution provides a single contract repository to allow companies to monitor the complete contract lifecycle and all versions, negotiations, approval history, and metrics
  • This way, Conga CLM gives companies much better visibility and complete control of negotiations, amendments, and other sources of contract risk
  • Increased contract accuracy, higher contract compliance, and contract renewal rate
  • Conga CLM eliminates manual and haphazard contract processes and drastically improves customer experience
  • Accelerated contract processing that inevitably boosts the contract volume
  • Valuable insights into renewals and expirations help to increase customer retention and loyalty

Benefits of adopting Conga CLM include higher contract accuracy, increased contracting speed and volume, better deal flow visibility, and more.

Scalefocus Success Story

One of the most challenging Scalefocus projects related to Conga (formerly Apttus) saw our team drastically improve the contract lifecycle management for a leading Scandinavian telecom provider. The company’s digital transformation was going nowhere as outdated systems and inefficient processes complicated and slowed down the product catalog operations.

Our partners were losing revenue and business opportunities due to the lack of an automated process for discount approvals, bottlenecks in the Quote, Document, and Approval processes, and inconsistent policies across different departments and locations. They were in dire need of a scalable and flexible cloud solution to automate the exchange of sales information across the organization.

That is where Scalefocus came into the picture, introducing Contract Lifecycle Management and Configure-Price-Quote native implementation on the Salesforce platform to improve scalability and flexibility.

We increased the product catalog speed and reliability by bundling products and adding categories, subcategories, and filters. Furthermore, the implementation of an automated process for discount approvals accelerated the access to information and its approval across the entire organization.

The results:

  • 1500x Product catalog optimization with a well-defined structure and quick filters
  • 43% faster discount approvals through automation
  • 2x faster sales processes custom-made tools improved vendor management and sales processes
  • Process automation of Quote, Document, and Approval procedures
  • Enhanced visibility through simplified approval & vendor tracking

CLM and CPQ native implementation on Salesforce accelerated all sales processes including 1500 times higher product catalog optimization.

One of the most challenging Scalefocus projects related to Conga saw our team achieve process optimization by implementing a CLM solution for a leading European chemical company. The enterprise needed an automated solution to manage all agreements, improve compliance, and have more control and visibility of their processes.

One of the major business issues was that their digital repository, where important customer information was stored, was almost impossible to access. Furthermore, the discount approval process was slow, and the mandatory E-signature process was far from secure and very inconvenient for their customers.

That is where Scalefocus stepped in, executing Business and Technical Analysis of all the client’s processes. Our team conducted comprehensive interviews with team members and managers of different departments to fully understand their problems and identify the most appropriate solution and approach.

In the process, we utilized document assembly services, custom objects to capture specific needs, a configuration toolkit, and workflow and process automation.

The results:

  • 1500 times more streamlined process with full reporting visibility and a searchable, digital repository migration to Salesforce
  • 43% faster data quality optimization
  • 2x faster sync of dynamic templates and contracts with the database
  • ·Totally automated E-signature with DocuSign integration

Our CLM solution facilitated agreement management, improved compliance, and increased control and visibility of all processes. Read more.

Contract management services at Scalefocus

  • Implementation Services
  • Process design services
  • Application Support
  • Application customization
  • Integration with any CRM
  • E-signature Integrations
  • Business consultancy
  • Nearshore and offshore services

CLM functional modules

  • Auto-Generated Agreements & Conditional Assembly
  • Central contract repository
  • Self-service contract wizards
  • Tracking of changes in legal text
  • Intelligent clause Playbooks and templates
  • Access & Permissions per Role
  • Reporting on KPI metrics and CLM lifecycle


Drastically accelerated contract management process and minimized document errors, increased contract accuracy and volume, improved customer retention and loyalty…

It is easy to see why Conga CLM’s popularity is growing and, especially when integrated with the Salesforce platform, it has become one of the leading business contract management solutions.

If you are considering implementing a CLM solution, we would gladly discuss your project and help you overcome digitalization and automation challenges.

Scalefocus has an impressive and ever-growing portfolio of successful CLM projects. This has enabled our partners to leverage the multiple one-of-a-kind functionalities of the business software and revolutionize their companies’ sales processes. Contact us today.

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