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FocusCalc – The Calculator App for iPad and iPhone

FocusCalc – The Calculator App for iPad and iPhone

Published on: 10 Oct 2023 4 min read

So, why would Scalefocus, a company with a formidable mobile team, bother developing a product the market is already saturated with?

FocusCalc – The Calculator App for iPad and iPhone

After all, iOS and Android have calculator applications, plus numerous 3rd party apps provide the same service.

The idea was born from the realization that the iPad lacks such an app, so Scalefocus’ mobile team decided to develop a calculator for

internal use. And if it met our sophisticated criteria and was good enough for the company staff, we would love to share it with other users.

Get your FocusCalc from Apple App Store.

FocusCalc – The Calculator App for iPad and iPhone

The FocusCalc concept follows three principles – it will always be free of charge, never display any ads, and will collect no user data.

The calculator utilizes the latest Apple technology and was written in Swift. It is available for iPad, iPhone and also for Mac OS. However, we expect it to be popular primarily among iPad users, as iPhone and Mac OS already have such system apps.  

The FocusCalc mobile app boasts all the latest iOS and iPad features – with sophisticated scientific calculator functions on top of the essentials. It also has a backlog to enable users to check the history, reuse past calculations, or copy and paste digits. A currency converter is also about to be released.  

We intended to create a comprehensive math assistant for the modern user who is mobile and has little time to spend on utility apps. The history feature is very convenient as users can save calculations to use at a later stage. They can also add them to the favorites section and name them. Want to remember how much money you need to transfer your friends for last night’s dinner? Just save the number in favorites and you can make the transfer anytime.

FocusCalc – The Calculator App for iPad and iPhone

Scalefocus invested a lot of effort in research to deliver a simple, user-friendly mobile app. The results showed that 99 per cent of the users would only need it for doing uncomplicated math, which meant the base functionality had to be accordingly simple and lightning fast. We researched different layout versions, did numerous iterations, and put in some challenging work to get to the current version, which is really straightforward.  

When users access the app, they are not distracted by ads or splash screens as they would typically need a calculator for a matter of seconds. The whole user journey is based on how quickly and efficiently the calculations are made. 

That is why we invested a lot of hard work in UI – to make it as simple as you like. And to make it even easier to use, we added an Erase button in addition to the standard Cancel button the Apple iPhone calculator has. This means you can erase parts of the value without canceling the entire operation.

FocusCalc – The Calculator App for iPad and iPhone

Why Work with Scalefocus’ Mobile Team? 

The FocusCalc app is among the numerous examples of Scalefocus’ mobile expertise. Our experts’ experience in native app development and hybrid app development has helped our partners’ iOS and Android mobile apps maintain world-class quality and remain competitive in an extremely dynamic market.

We have specialized in all major industry verticals, including Healthcare, Fintech, Telehealth, and Gaming, and you can learn more about other successful projects here.

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