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2 years ago

Game of Frameworks: Make Way for Scalefocus’ Front-End Gurus

We are already feeling the first breaths of winter. But while the sun is still around, we decided to create another great knowledge-sharing experience from our Practice on Focus series. This time, we engaged the specialists of ScaleFocus’ Front-End practice. And thus, Game of Frameworks came to life.

For about three hours, оn a Thursday night, enthusiasts gathered at Vintage House, Plovdiv, to hear which framework – React, Angular or Vue – works best within one and the same app, with live presentations and a lively discussion.

Three Frameworks, One App

No Game of Frameworks is complete without its key players, a.k.a. The ScaleFocus Front-End gurus. Three of them took the stage at Vintage House to present and “defend” their favorite framework – and how they work within one single application.

The first presenter, Atanas Plachkov, a technical lead in our UX/UI department, presented the React point of view. The second – Slavozar Vargulev, Senior Software Engineer at ScaleFocus – gave his “vote” for Angular. Third presenter, Ivaylo Georgiev, UX/UI developer who presented Vue point of view (pun intended).

All frameworks were compared regarding their specifics and usage within one app. Тhe speakers engaged the audience and each other with fun moments of opposition.

House of ScaleFocus Always Wins

Despite the hot discussions, all lectors and the audience finally concluded that all frameworks have their own specific benefits, advantages, and applications in the work. The Game of Frameworks didn’t actually have a winner – more like three.

The public itself was not at all passive! Atanas, Slavo and Ivaylo got a lot of questions – like which framework of the other two would they choose besides the one they prefer. Among the guests were our friends from the Delta Source team who recently joined the first IT Treasure Hunt in Bulgaria, organized by ScaleFocus.
The evening concluded in friendly chat, laughs and of course, beer. We are looking forward to the next night of knowledge-sharing and awesome friends around.