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GraffITi on Focus: Our Spirit in the Colorful Art

GraffITi on Focus: Our Spirit in the Colorful Art

Published on: 21 Sep 2023 5 min read

We firmly believe that creative minds need creative spaces. That’s why you can’t find your typical office space with us. We break the mold and innovate not only in our work processes, but our everyday life too!

GraffITi on Focus: Our Spirit in Colorful Art

Each of our 7 delivery locations are vibrant, enchanting and unique, but one thing ties them all together – our love for artistical whimsy and graffiti.

As you step off the elevator and into the office corridors, you’re greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors, intricate designs and thought-provoking messages splashed across the walls. Let’s dive into this fascinating intersection of art and technology, exploring how graffiti found its home in Scalefocus’ workspaces.

An unexpected, but spot-on combination: Graffiti and IT

Graffiti has long been associated with rebellious expression and urban landscapes. Their migration into the sterile world of corporate offices may seem unusual at first glance, but there is a poetic synergy between the two. Just as our colleagues bend and break the rules of traditional programming to develop innovative solutions, graffiti artists challenge societal norms through their colorful creations. Both worlds require an innate sense of creativity, and the ability to think beyond the ordinary, making the Scalefocus office space an unexpected, yet fitting canvas for street art. It is this connection between the two worlds that has been maintained for over 11 years, or, in other words, since the opening of the company’s first office.

Much of the credit for this goes to the people who have been a part of Scalefocus since its very beginning. One of them is Niki Bizev, Technology Team Lead during working hours and a graffiti artist in his free time, and for over 7 years he has also been a guide at the Sofia Graffiti Tour initiative. He is also the link with some of the most successful Bulgarian graffiti artists, whose unique works adorn the walls of Scalefocus.

In Sofia we have Nasimo canvases, and in Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv there is collaboration with local teams. Placemaking is an initiative aiming to create colorful corners in the spirit of street culture. There are several stages, each of which relies on the active participation of our colleagues. It starts with collecting ideas and voting on what the topics of the visualizations should be. The designs are then created, outlines are printed and placed on the designated walls in the office. The best part is saved for last – the colors. Everyone at the office has the freedom to pick up the brushes and sprays and contribute to the overall artwork.

Shaking things up

At Scalefocus, we believe that our work is serious enough, so our work environment doesn’t have to be. The decision to incorporate street art brings the necessary freshness, turning our offices into dynamic and engaging spaces. Vibrant colors and sophisticated designs inject energy into the surrounding environment, making us feel more motivated and inspired. In an environment that thrives on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, this burst of creativity has a positive impact on the overall mood and productivity. Over the years, this has also proven to be a good team building practice. After an organized in-house workshop last June, the most popular Macedonian graffiti artist Drash created 7 canvases based on ideas of colleagues from Skopje. In addition to suggestions for visualization, our colleagues had the opportunity to grab the spray cans themselves and go wild on the office walls.



An expression of individuality

The graffiti in the Scalefocus offices are more than just an aesthetic addition, it is a form of self-expression not only for the artists, but our colleagues as well. Our tech specialists work primarily in a collaborative environment that is highly structured. Graffiti offers them a way to break free from stiffness and show their individuality. From coding geeks to project managers, everyone finds a piece of themselves in the themed art that adorns the walls.

Bringing people together

As graffiti spreads throughout the office area, it promotes a sense of community and camaraderie among people. They become a conversation starter, a common thread that connects people from different departments and locations. This sense of unity enhances teamwork and further promotes a collaborative work culture.

We take this example and take it outside our offices too. Traditionally, every summer we have our big  Scalefocus SummerFest, where we gather everyone from all of our locations in one place. This year we brought our tradition to Borovets, where we had outdoor graffiti workshops under the guidance of Niki Bizev. Our colleagues had the freedom to experiment with color sprays and specially prepared canvases. Everyone let their creativity flow and collaborated in creating the new office decorations.

Another initiative related to the topic is our support for the “Sofia Urban Art” book. This will be the first Bulgarian book on urban art, combining interviews, stories and archival photographic materials. It’s divided into chapters tracing the history of Sofia’s graffiti and street art culture from the early 1990s to today. The main idea of the book is to explain how graffiti culture has developed in Sofia and to talk about some of the most interesting local specifics. The book is scheduled to be published in November 2023.

The future of graffiti in IT workspaces

As the relationship between technology and art continues to evolve, the graffiti culture in Scalefocus’ office areas is sure to continue its tradition. We fully support this form of expression, and we recognize the diversity of our employees and the importance of fostering a creative environment. As we strive to break free from boundaries and celebrate innovation, graffiti will have its special place in the Scalefocus world.

In conclusion, this is more than just wall art; it is a testament to the human desire for creative expression and individuality. By merging the worlds of technology and art, we not only enhance our workspaces, but also foster a more vibrant and connected community. We express the dynamics in our work and technology development through the renovation of the graffiti in the office, so we stay updated on all levels.

 So the next time you find yourself in a Scalefocus office, take a moment to appreciate the artistry that brings the digital realm to life. Because you may end up at work and at an art exhibition at the same time.

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