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IT Beards: The Good that Keeps Growing on You

IT Beards: The Good that Keeps Growing on You

Published on: 02 Nov 2020 3 min read

Yep, it’s that time of the year. November is here, so Scalefocus is jumping straight into an initiative that is a bit familiar, a bit cool, and meaningful as a whole. That is not all – IT Beards is now open to all men in the IT sector, aiming to involve as many people – and beards – as possible. Because when it comes to a good cause, every beard and mustache counts.

Meet IT beards… Аgain

As we said, IT Beards is now an open initiative for anyone in the IT community who wishes to join a charity campaign and make an immediate impact. This year, we partnered with the WIN OVER CANCER Foundation and the donations will go directly to them.

The foundation provides reliable information on oncological diseases, coordinates with leading specialists in the country, and provides support to patients and their families by organizing events that help with prevention and treatment as well as with awareness and psychological support.

The funds raised will be used for an awareness and prevention campaign for prostate cancer in major cities in the country in 2021.

Each man who uploads their beard or mustache in November and shows the progress for four weeks gets in the race that wins votes, and each vote donates money through bought points.

So don’t let the opportunity to show off your beard and help people at the same time, slip under your nose.

What’s next?

First and foremost – stop shaving. Take a quick selfie. And join the bearded IT men in the race. IT Beards is not about who has the coolest looking beard on the block. Even though – let’s face it, men with beards look good.

IT Beards is about bringing awareness to an illness that makes a lot of people struggle.

You can participate in two ways:

Register аs an active participant.

  • You can join by snapping a selfie of your beard or mustache and registering HERE
  • Upload it in one of two categories – Fresh Start of Already Stylish
  • Share the initiative with your friends in the IT sector to get more votes and win the race – it’s for a great cause.
  • Join the page on Facebook and share our content to spread awareness.

Register as a benefactor.

  • You don’t need to grow a beard or mustache to help the cause. Register and buy а bundle of 5, 10, 25, or more points.
  • This allows you to vote for your favorite participant in the IT Beards race.
  • Your bought bundle votes will directly go to the WIN OVER CANCER Foundation
  • And third. You can always share the cause with your friends to raise more donations.

Several other companies and partners are already supporting the initiative – you can see who they are here.

Good luck to all – and may the best beard win!

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