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1 year ago

Milan, Head of SBU Solutions that loves fixing and cooking things up


On his background

My fascination with computers began when I started meddling with the DOS operating system of my PC back in the 90s. I wanted to understand how everything worked, one thing led to another, and I ultimately graduated with a degree in Computer Science. After that is has been a quiet journey where I had the opportunity to work with many smart people and build great products and services.

I have spent about 12 years in Sofia, but now I have settled down with my family in my hometown of Plovdiv.

On his role at Scalefocus

I have been with Scelefocus for more than a year now.

As Head of SBU Solutions, I am responsible for our newest business division, where we seek to promote innovative ideas for new business lines using the principles of the so-called intrapreneurship. You can think of it as a sandbox for startup-like endeavours which break the mould of our existing offerings and existing business models.

On his team

I have the honor to work with some of the brightest minds in the company. It is amazing to work with people who constantly strive to give their best while aiming for some pretty ambitious goals.

On dealing with doubt

Read, think, talk with people, consult your inner voice.

On music, hobbies, family, pets, and everything in between

My current hobbies are cooking and trying to fix things around the house. Both keep the stress down and I enjoy them a lot.

On his life outside of work

I try to spend time as much as possible with my amazing wife Mariya and our young munchkin Simeon outside of work. We love nature, so we hike around Plovdiv quite frequently.

On the best advice for new software specialists

Always be hungry to learn new ideas and technologies. Have a plan on what you would like to achieve personally/professionally and execute it – always have a vision, do not just go with the flow.

On his everyday work life

My workday starts at around 9:00 AM, when I usually go through the daily plan I have prepared the night before. My tasks/goals for each day are quite varied, ranging from speaking with potential customers to discussing technical and business roadmaps for our solutions.

At the end of the day, I try to spare some time for personal development by reading or watching some exciting content.

On what’s the most important since you started at Scalefocus

То makе sure that people understand I have got their backs and I am there to resolve issues and help navigate their career paths.