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Scalefocus Academy Will Shape Future IT Professionals Entirely Online and Free of Charge

Scalefocus Academy Will Shape Future IT Professionals Entirely Online and Free of Charge

Published on: 02 Nov 2020 3 min read

Scalefocus Academy has started its admission of students in an evolved, entirely online environment. The newly enrolled students will receive free three-month training from the best specialists in the field. They will have the opportunity to work on real projects, with multiple exercises, lectures, and personal meetings with an individual mentor.

Students can join from everywhere by applying and attending an online exam on the 16th of November.

Opening The Door to an IT Career

Scalefocus Academy is not only filling the gap between theory and practice in the software field but also paving the way for the start of their IT career. The curriculum is highly intensive and in order to move forward, trainees need to perform well in their 3-month long training and complete multiple assignments, code reviews, and exams with high grades.
The program will cover Java, JS, and .NET courses, and in order to enroll in the Academy, the students need to have basic knowledge in programming, data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented programming.

During the training, students at Scalefocus Academy will acquire the ability to solve complex technical problems and develop software “from scratch” within the scope of real projects. The goal of the Academy is to help the professional development of enthusiasts with fundamental knowledge in programming who want to start working on a real project right away.

The training is designed in a way that provides enough practical exercises, in addition to theoretical knowledge, and helps the students delve deeper into their chosen IT field.

For three months, dedicated lecturers will act as personal mentors to students and will guide and assist them in their professional growth. Scalefocus Academy will once again help IT enthusiasts transform into software engineers ready to work in a real environment.

Get Ahead of the Competition

In addition to being free and accessible from everywhere, Scalefocus Academy will give students that show the most promise and excellent results the opportunity to start working at the company right after graduating. So far, more than half of the students who have completed the program in previous editions have been employed at Scalefocus based on their high exam results.
Several of the professionals currently employed in the company are top-performing students from the Academy in 2019. Some of them have joined the team right after graduation, while others began less than three months after receiving their completion certificate.

Scalefocus Academy gives every student the opportunity for rapid development and professional growth as an IT specialist. Hurry up and submit your application on the website.

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