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2 years ago

Scalefocus Christmas Fatal Party: The Recap

Friday the 13th of December turned out to be a very eventful and lucky date for ScaleFocusarians. Our Christmas party dubbed “Fatal” was a memorable and pretty epic event that gathered our awesome colleagues for an evening out in Planet Club.

Let’s recap the events of that great night!

IT Beards & The Fatal Awards

For the thematic Christmas party, we couldn’t help but create an atmosphere that responded to the day. There was a myriad and mix of superstitions around and at the same time – their antipodes in the form of lucky charms.

Тhe guests were welcomed by a black cat (known for bringing bad luck) and a chimney sweeper (for good luck) and received red threads for their wrists for protection. They also drew straws – and the short straw meant… drinking a shot!

Тhe program of the evening opened with the giving of the IT Beards awards – the winners in each category (Already Stylish – Ivo Markov and Fresh Start – Delyan Zafirov) were invited on stage to receive their certificates. The benefactor who had donated most votes for the cause – Geno Shishkov – also received a certificate.

Тhe Fatal Awards – those that had our colleagues vote for their favorite peers in Scalefocus – were presented afterward. Here are the winners:

  • Lucky Charm Sofia – Iva Kaltcheva
  • Lucky Charm Plovdiv – Nikolay Taskov
  • Lucky Charm Varna – Monika Meteva
  • Lucky Charm Burgas – Vladimira Kyuchukova
  • The Amazing Morticia (Favorite Female Colleague) – Katerina Georgieva
  • Gomez the Great (Favorite Male Colleague) – Plamen Nedev
  • Our Wednesday (The one who always keeps calm in the storm.) – Georgi Kushev
  • Our Pugsley (Most hilarious colleague) – Viktor Bilyanski
  • Favorite Thing (Best multitasker) – Anton Lelios
  • The Addams Team (Favorite Scalefocus Team) – The Java Team

Music Is The Lucky Antidote

After our CEO, Plamen Tsekov, went on stage for а short recap of 2019, it was time for… Spens! The hip-hop artist we know well and love sang some of his top hits and made ScaleFocusarians dance and sing with an epic performance.

The party was then left in the capable hands of the DJ who continued to rock our world and make everyone enjoy themselves until the small hours of the day. The Christmas Fatal party made Friday the 13th a favorite memory for ScaleFocusarians and showed us we can level up the score for partying!

Well… until the next time…