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Scalefocus Launches an Initiative in Support of Men’s Health, Part of Movember

Scalefocus Launches an Initiative in Support of Men’s Health, Part of Movember

Published on: 09 Nov 2021 3 min read

For a third consecutive year the software company organizes the initiative IT Beards, through which it supports the prevention and fight against some of the most severe men’s diseases

In the month, devoted on men’s health, prevention and fight against prostate cancer, Scalefocus launches the initiative IT Beards as part of Movember. The campaign is organized for a third year in a row. During the month of November, Scalefocus employees grow their beards and moustaches, take photos of them and publish them on a platform, developed specially for the campaign, which is open for voting. Each of the participants raises funds by receiving votes for his special vision. Due to the high interest in the campaign, this year once again it is open for public voting, which is an opportunity for generating additional funds and visibility for the problems with men’s health.

Scalefocus launches an initiative in support of men’s health, part of Movember

The funds which will be raised by Scalefocus will be donated for conduction of free of charge prophylactic health checks and diagnostics for prostate cancer, targeted at men in risk ages. The health checks will be conducted in December in Sofia, at the Clinic of Urology at Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital, led by Prof. Kaloyan Davidov. He and his team actively support the cause and work to raise the awareness about it among men at risk ages in order to increase the levels of prevention.

‘At all times and in all forms, we need to talk about the possibility for men to get diseased. The prostate cancer is not something to be afraid of, if diagnosed timely. We can cure the prostate cancer. In the last years, not only in Europe but also in Bulgaria, the number of men who have completely recovered from this type of cancer has been rising.’, shares Prof. Davidov, Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital, in a conversation about the importance of conducting regular prophylactic medical checks.

The funds raised through the campaign will be realized in partnership with Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital and the foundation.

The prostate cancer is a significant and long-term health problem in Europe. At present over 400,000 people get sick annually on the Old Continent. According to the National Cancer Register in Bulgaria, in 2016 were registered 2,483 new cases of prostate cancer. This marks an increase of 60% for the past almost 10 years. Every year, the prostate cancer is among the main causes for men’s death. Statistics shows that every year over 1 million men worldwide receive this diagnosis, which represents 8% of all newly registered oncological diseases.

During the month of November, we are growing beards to raise the prevention against prostate cancer. 

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