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The Perfect Team of Custom Software Developers

The Perfect Team of Custom Software Developers

Published on: 24 Mar 2022 6 min read

In today’s world, businesses of all sizes and from all industries are highly dependent on the use of latest technology and top-notch resources to stay competitive and follow the digitalization and innovation trends.

The Perfect Team of Custom Software Developers

What is custom software development?

To this end, custom software development can provide you with a unique set of software solutions carefully tailored to fit your business needs. Whether you need to deliver a smooth user experience, or optimize your workflow, flexible software development will make running your business easier.

For its part, custom software development is essentially a software customized for a specific user or a group of users. The software is created in a way to meet the user’s needs, address a particular issue, or fulfil certain requirements.

If you’re managing a business and you need a custom software solution, you can either dedicate an in-house team to build it, or you can look for a custom software development company.

Custom software development companies

When sitting out to create your project, you might initially have the desire to form your own perfect team of software developers. In other words, launch a development team be yourself. This, however, is likely to cost you a significant amount of money, time, and effort.

A custom software development company will be ready to create software customized for your business. Ideally, such a company would already have a team ready to launch your project as soon as the order is received.

Furthermore, a custom software development company will have all the technology, both hardware and software, not only to create your software solution but to implement it, manage and scale it. The best custom software providers work closely with the client, listen to their needs, and encourage effective communication. Equally important, they can complete the task within the agreed time frame and the predefined budget.

In order to better understand the specifics around custom software developers, let’s take a look at several engagement models.

Service engagement models

A service engagement model, in the context of software development, is a framework that defines how a company provides its software services. More precisely, an engagement model governs how the IT vendor engages with the client. Features include duration of contract, responsibilities and obligations, commitments, payments, and roles.

Service Engagement Models

Generally, the level of engagement complexity and return on investment varies relative to the engagement model. For example, Staff Augmentation falls into the specter of low complexity and low return on investment. On the other hand, Managed Services have the potential to yield the highest return on investment while carrying an average rate of engagement complexity.

Service engagement models can be divided into six different types:

Consultancy & Technology Advisory, Staff Augmentation, Offshore Delivery Center, Solutions Development, Dedicated Teams, Managed Services

Consultancy & Technology Advisory

Suitable for businesses who need to solve complex business challenges in an efficient way. You can expect the custom software provider to fully transform your project into a digital powerhouse.

Staff Augmentation

A convenient solution if you are looking to supplement your in-house team with external resources. Likely to bring flexibility and scalability and could be coupled with in-house work.

Offshore Delivery Center

Allows you to expand your team quickly and efficiently. Placed in a different location than yours, a dedicated team will be ready to tackle any IT challenges you may have. An ODC is usually offered and managed by an offshore development organization.

Solution Development

Fitting for a business looking to build scalable, resilient, and secure software solutions. A software developer will take up your project, design a business plan with key objectives, and move forward to implementation.

Dedicated Teams

Allows your business to hire specialists provided by a vendor company. Especially suitable for project-based work, this engagement model will guarantee you an entire team of experts will be focused on your project alone.

Managed Services

The software developer engages with the client by offering a set of services with specific KPIs and deliverables. Focus is on value creation and reaching business objectives. Well-suited for companies that need to focus on their core business, while an outsourced company handles non-core activities.

Five custom software development team roles

When you set out to find a custom software development company, you will most likely encounter a sea of information related to staffing, organization structure and team roles. Against this backdrop, it may be difficult to go through the many alternatives. For this reason, consider seeking out several key team roles that will make sure the vendor has the right structure.

In short these are:

Project Manager  The project manager is a leading role for every software development team. Responsible for planning, strategizing, and executing, this role carries significant importance for any project.

Technical Lead  Essential role, tasked with interpreting business requirements into IT solutions. The tech lead could also maintain communication between the software team and the client.

Software Developers. This role is responsible for building the solution itself by singlehandedly creating the code that will give life to the project or application. Planning, designing, testing, and deploying databases all fall into the wheelhouse of software developers.

Software Architects  Another key role in any custom software team. Software architects are responsible for meeting certain technical standards across project buildout and implementation. Functions include platform optimization, coding, and development.

User Experience (UX) Designers  UX designers are responsible for materializing the product vision. In other words, their job is to create a seamless, intuitive user experience that meets high standards.

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers  This role is largely involved with conducting automated tests to make sure software is running bug-free and error-free. They evaluate quality specifications, technical design, and custom functionalities.

Business Analysts  This role usually works closely with the project manager. Business analysts have a big impact on the outcome of any project. They may help developers verify deliverables, or outline business requirements.

Where to find the perfect software development partner?

At first, looking for the perfect team packed with all of the above roles, features and attributes may seem like a daunting task. However, there are smart ways you can take that will help you narrow down the search.

More specifically, you can divide your efforts by location and decide whether you want the provider to be onshore, offshore, or nearshore. To properly handle this task, you need to understand the differences between these locations.

In short, onshore vendors are located within your country, while nearshore are those companies positioned in a nearby country, or the same continent. And offshore developments centers are those situated overseas, on another continent.

While all three locations offer certain benefits, an elevated number of businesses is pivoting to offshore development centers. Having an outsourced team in a foreign country promises better scalability, extended business coverage, and budget optimization. To this end, consider looking at an offshore area for the perfect custom software development center that could deliver high-quality results, tailored specifically to your needs.


Custom software development, provided by Scalefocus, gives you access to unique software solutions, aligned with your requirements. Our experienced development teams are a perfect extension to your business and integrate seamlessly with your in-house teams.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Custom software developers offer unique solutions carefully tailored for your business needs
  • The perfect team of custom software specialists can meet and exceed your software demand