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What Does Conga (Formerly Apttus) Do?

What Does Conga (Formerly Apttus) Do?

Published on: 17 Aug 2022 8 min read

Conga is a technology trailblazer whose Quote-to-Cash (QTC) software solutions include a cutting-edge Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) platform, as well as an enterprise-level Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool.

What Is Conga (Formerly Apttus)?  

The Quote-to-Cash end-to-end solution accelerates sales throughout the revenue lifecycle and manages all business processes from purchase to billing. Conga CPQ and CLM facilitate pricing, discounting, carts, complex proposals, contracts, renewals, etc.  

Conga supports the Windows app platform, and its customers are primarily medium and large-sized. Conga has a more flexible pricing strategy compared to its main competitor Salesforce CPQ. It also gives more discounts and provides live customer support and online training courses besides the standard support over the phone. The Conga price model is quote-based, unlike the annual subscription-based Salesforce one.

What Does Conga (Formerly Apttus) CPQ Do? 

The Conga CPQ sales platform enables companies to generate fast and precise quotes for orders. The speed and accuracy of the real-time quotes improve the lead quality and empower sales teams to cross-sell and increase lead conversion and total sales.

Conga CPQ bridges the gap between front-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and back-office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to guarantee data integration and accuracy.  

The automation of CPQ-generated sales quotes ensures faultless pricing that takes into consideration quantities, discounts, customizations, revenue types, incompatibilities, etc. The Conga CPQ smart functionalities range and the product offerings quality are among the reasons this award-winning solution is one of the leaders on the market.  

What Does Conga Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Do?  

Conga CLM is an automated Contract Lifecycle Management system that streamlines quoting, contracting, and revenue processes.

Its error-free content marks a significant improvement in data quality. Along with the CPQ module, Conga CLM reduces the time to create and send quotes from week to mere minutes and facilitates sales teams to finalize much larger amounts of deals.  

Just like Conga CPQ, the contract management software works in conjunction with CRM and ERP systems. It is an end-to-end solution that covers the whole process between purchase and completed transaction while improving the way enterprises automate business functions. Conga CLM accelerates the sales processes, frees sales resources, and enhances the execution quality to meet the enterprise’s needs.

Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ and CLM implementation accelerates sales processes and vastly improves sales performance.

Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ Features 

Cross-selling, upselling, and discount recommendations are among Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ’s most advanced functionalities. Guided real-time scoring also helps sales teams to configure prices and vendor quotes while tracking and improving critical sales metrics. 

Conga enables sales teams to configure complex products, services, and bundles without wasting resources, and UI is configurable to further optimize the workflow per user. Billing and subscription management are also available for an additional fee.  

Conga (formerly Apttus) CLM Features 

Conga CLM boasts multiple functionalities that facilitate the management of all kinds of contracts. Legal, finance, or sales and marketing teams can work on a contract directly from Microsoft Office and automate certain sections without affecting the rest of the document.

Drafting and old versions reconciliation is automated, not to mention users can easily tag terms and clauses in third-party documents and insert languages from the legal playbook with point-and-click controls.

Other useful features of the contract management solution include full-text search, detailed audit history per user, and filtering saved searches.  

Top Benefits of Conga CPQ  

  • Improved accuracy and time management, acceleration of sales cycles, and elimination of quoting errors due to automation of the price quote process, offering self-service options, and improving multi-channel performance. 
  • The CPQ solution significantly shortens response times and simplifies order capture and fulfillment of complex products.
  • Price quotes based on up-to-date pricing structures give sales reps better visibility of the project and its details and become more productive, efficient, and flexible. 
  • Upsell and cross-sell functionalities give accurate and reliable recommendations that increase deal size and win rates, which means higher sales revenue and profits.

Conga CPQ Benefits

Top Benefits of Conga CLM  

  • Single contract repository that improves the enterprises’ visibility of the complete contract lifecycle and gives them full control of negotiations, amendments, and other sources of contract risk. 
  • Error-proof contracts, better contract compliance and contract renewal rate. 
  • Automation of otherwise manual and chaotic contract processes improves customer experience.
  • Increased contract volume due to accelerated contract processing. 
  • Higher customer retention and loyalty due to deriving insights into renewals and expirations.

Conga CPQ Benefits

Read on to find out how Scalefocus handled one of its major Conga projects and how our partners leveraged the sales platform’s numerous benefits. 


Scalefocus Success Story 

One of the most challenging Scalefocus projects related to Conga CPQ saw our team drastically improve the contract lifecycle management for a leading Scandinavian telecom provider. The company’s digital transformation was going nowhere as outdated systems and inefficient processes complicated and slowed down the product catalog operations.  

Our partners were losing revenue and business opportunities due to the lack of an automated process for discount approvals, bottlenecks in the Quote, Document, and Approval processes, and inconsistent policies across different departments and locations. They were in dire need of a scalable and flexible cloud solution to automate the exchange of sales information across the organization.  

That is where Scalefocus came into the picture, introducing Contract Lifecycle Management and Configure-Price-Quote native implementation on the Salesforce platform to improve scalability and flexibility.  

We increased the product catalog speed and reliability by bundling products and adding categories, subcategories, and filters. Furthermore, implementing an automated process for discount approvals accelerated the access to information and its approval across the entire organization.

The results

  • 1500x Product catalog optimization with a well-defined structure and quick filters
  • 43% faster discount approvals through automation
  • 2x faster sales processes custom-made tools improved vendor management and sales processes
  • Process automation of Quote, Document, and Approval procedures
  • Enhanced visibility through simplified approval & vendor tracking



Automated agile and precise sales processes – this is what enterprises get when they implement Quote-to-Cash sales platforms such as Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ and CLM. The smart AiI-powered features facilitate the sales teams’ work and make them more efficient and productive, inevitably increasing the company’s revenue.  

Scalefocus boasts an experienced team of software engineers, consultants, and technical and solution architects with expertise in both Conga CPQ and CLM implementation.

Contact us and let us have a chat regarding your projects and the ways we can assist you with the challenges you are likely to face.

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