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Where Big Data and Software Development Interrelate

Where Big Data and Software Development Interrelate

Published on: 21 Jun 2022 6 min read

Enterprises generate and have access to virtually unlimited data – exabytes over exabytes of information stored in various sources. However, to exploit the potential of all this content, they need to analyze it, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights. Only organized, quality data can give a competitive advantage by facilitating decision-making, improving forecasting accuracy, and accelerating all business processes.

Where Big Data and Software Development Interrelate

But how significant is the correlation between Big Data and Software Development, and what Big Data Software Development Services are trendy in 2022? Read on to find the answers below.

Software Architecture in Big Data

Software development architecture that assembles, organizes and analyzes data is paramount to leverage Big Data in agile development. To start the process, software developers create strategies with the help of Data analytics software that generates data-based reports.

The typical approach when building software development architectures in Big Data is gradual. Architectural patterns are data-centric and event-driven – Big Data applications test every software component and then analyze the results. Modifications are made to address detected issues, and the procedure is repeated until all bugs are fixed, and the end product has been redesigned to perfection.

Big Data Development Services

IT outsourcing to the Central and Eastern European Union countries has been on the rise in the past couple of decades, and the field of Big Data Development is no exception. Countries like Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland offer access to a vast talent pool of exceptional software engineers, data analysts, project and account managers. Substantial development cost reduction, quality execution, and extended business coverage due to different time zones are other factors to look eastbound.

Read on to find out the latest Big Data trends and what services are trending in 2022.

Data Strategy · DB Architecture and Design · Data Modelling · Migration from On-Prem to Cloud · Advanced Data Analytics · ML/AI

Data Strategy · DB Architecture and Design · Data Modelling · Migration from On-Prem to Cloud · Advanced Data Analytics · ML/AI Data Strategy · DB Architecture and Design · Data Modelling · Migration from On-Prem to Cloud · Advanced Data Analytics · ML/AI

Data Strategy

In 2022, Statista projects that the Big Data market size will have doubled within just five years. Yet, data continues to pose numerous challenges: disorganized business processes, inability to recognize basic business needs, data quality, privacy, and integrity. Inefficient planning can have disastrous effects on a company, while a comprehensive data strategy can address all data related issues.

However, managing gigantic volumes of data is an arduous task, and organizations need to cooperate with experienced and reliable service providers to handle it. Innovation and agility, improved user experience, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation – this is what you get when you work with accomplished data engineers, analysts, and scientists. Scalefocus can help you set up a holistic strategic approach to leverage your business data potential.

Big data market size revenue forecast worldwide from 2011 to 2027

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DB Architecture and Design

Enterprises need to organize and structure their databases in order to facilitate access to data, optimize resources, and improve data quality. The service provider’s mission is to define the database objective and standardize data protocols. However, this would be impossible without modernizing legacy systems and tools. Therefore, updating data is crucial to take advantage of all functionalities of state-of-the-art technology.

The Scalefocus data teams have experience with various databases and use-cases, and our solutions meet our partners’ performance, business, and security requirements. Such expertise includes relational and non-relational on-premise databases, cloud-specific and vendor-specific cloud databases, OLTP, OLAP, custom solutions, etc.

Data Modelling

Data modelling incorporates business rules, regulatory compliance, and local policies on data with consistency in naming conventions, default values, semantics, and data security. Its purpose is to visualize data based on business needs, comprehend relationships within a database/warehouse, and minimize development errors.

Scalefocus utilizes top of the line tools including ER/Studio, Toad Data Modeler, Navicat Data Modeler, and Db Schema to guarantee the quality of data and its visual representation. This way, we can help our partners’ organizations accelerate the database design process and data mapping.

Public Cloud revenue market

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Migration from On-Prem to Cloud

According to a recent Statista research, the Public Cloud market revenue will exceed USD 400 billion by the end of 2022 and reach USD 650 billion by 2025. Such whopping figures are hardly surprising, as the COVID pandemic and related remote work trends accelerated digital transformation and the rise of cloud computing. Most businesses now migrate on-prem data to the cloud to reduce costs from on-premise servers and infrastructure maintenance. Cloud technology is here to stay as it boosts flexibility, scalability, and agility.

Performance quality, database choice, data regulations, data security – these are some of the challenges that arise when migrating data from on-prem to the cloud. The Scalefocus remote development centers have expertise in successfully creating and managing on-prem to cloud migration strategies in different industries and technology settings to all major cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure, and IBM Cloud.

Advanced Data Analytics

Deriving data insights from various content sources provides companies with increased business value. Predictive modelling, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and business process automation are some of the approaches utilized to extract the necessary data, detect anomalies, and predict patterns and future events.

Advanced data analytics contributes deeper data insight to improve forecast precision and make decision-making and risk management more efficient. The Scalefocus offshore and nearshore software development teams use techniques like data mining, big data analytics, machine learning and boast expertise in different industries for efficient Big Data infrastructure management, predictive analytics, and forecasting.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

IDC expects the worldwide AI market revenues to go beyond the half a trillion $ mark as early as 2024. Enterprises have quickly realized Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence increase their efficiency, boost their business results and give them a competitive advantage. Planning and decision making can be challenging when faced with colossal amounts of different types of data and various sources to derive it from. ML and AI enable companies to base decisions and forecasts on numerical evidence as they easily identify patterns and anomalies human experts struggle to detect.

Worldwide AI Software Forecast, 2020 - 2024

Infographic source:

Scalefocus utilizes ML, AI, advanced analytics, and data science to transform our partners’ business models by introducing processes for effective data management. Our remote software development centers’ expertise and cutting edge technology have helped numerous companies extract data insights, make result-oriented decisions, and improve customer experience.


In 2022, Big Data and Agile Software Development are inseparable. That is why the software engineers, data analysts, and project managers at the Scalefocus nearshore and offshore development centers have adopted a contemporary approach to data and analytics.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to discuss any digitalization and datafication challenge your business might be facing, and even happier to help you overcome them.

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