Business Process Management

Complex day-to-day business tasks require proper automation and monitoring. The Business Process Management provides great help for huge companies with complex process flows to provide visibility to their business users with the details of each flow. Different analytic capabilities help us to optimize the business flows for better performance and higher precision, while also providing clear monitoring capabilities to track for any issues.

At Scalefocus, we offer complete, end-to-end BPM services - from the initial capture and documentation of the business processes, through decomposition and shaping, going into optimizations and automation, implementation, testing and support. We utilize proprietary BPM solutions with built-in analytics capabilities and human task steps, which help us enable our customers for better business process definitions, visibility, process optimizations and monitoring. We strive for automation of redundant tasks minimizing business process time using cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, AI and RPA.


BPM Strategy

Our team consults with you to identify and define the business processes that will bring the highest business value to your company. Then, we select the right BPM tools to bring that strategy to life, and support your business objectives.

BPMS Implementation

We automate your business processes using different BPMS platforms, building logical workflows, giving you higher operational efficiency and more time to address bottlenecks. You’ll be able to analyze and change processes to meet your customer’s needs and the markеt requirements.

Technology Expertise

Having experience in a diverse range of proprietary BPM solutions, allows us to be very flexible and to provide tailored enterprise grade solutions at a competitive price.


Our BPM approach consists of 3 stages: Documentation, Analysis, Delivery, that have been proven in their efficiency and quality to deliver a complete solution.


Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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Finance & Banking

Disrupting the FinTech Industry with a Mobile Solution

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