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Data Engineering

Not just digits but the means to transform
outcomes and realities

The most valuable yet underutilized asset in the digital economy

Back in 2006, the British mathematician Clive Humby coined the phrase, “Data is the new oil,” and he was certainly on to something. Data holds tremendous value but only after it’s processed and refined. It is then that Data becomes more than a tool for analyzing what has already happened and can help make informed decisions that predict what will happen in the future.

The Data experts at Scalefocus find the best ways to refine and utilize vast amounts of data and provide the technological backbone required to gain value out of it. We cover the development process end-to-end starting from requirement gathering, business modeling, quality engineering and operations to data development, database engineering and database administration. Whether it’s traditional on-premises architecture or a complete cloud environment, our tech expertise allows us to solve complex Data problems at scale.

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Work with us, grow with us

As a Data engineer you know that making sense of information and turning it into actionable insights can be incredibly rewarding, especially if the projects you work on are meaningful and impact lives. At Scalefocus we pride ourselves on choosing our clients wisely. Thus, we advance our team’s capabilities through work that is challenging from a technical perspective yet personally fulfilling.


As part of the Scalefocus Data team you will get to contribute with your expertise while mastering new skill sets. Building on existing know-how is a mantra of ours and as you grow your career with us, you will consistently find new ways to develop as a professional and share your experience with teammates.

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Good, better, best, never let it rest. Till your good is better, and your better – best.

Make the most of our knowledge-sharing practice

Our knowledge-transfer culture is based on continuous sharing of experience, as well as on close examination of new trends and technologies. We hold open discussions where team members share their insights from working on specific projects — the successes and the missteps. We also hold daily trainings exposing colleagues to tools and technologies they haven’t used before so they can get a practical feel of concrete problems as opposed to simply reading about them.

Grow your skill set daily through mentorship and collaboration

As part of our Data team, your potential will be recognized, nurtured, and developed. The knowledge you bring in will be upgraded to the latest technologies organically during the work process. Also, you will take advantage of excellent cross-team collaboration in which colleagues with different expertise work together and compare perspectives. Our junior team members have an assigned mentor who helps them onboard smoothly and make the most of all learning and growth opportunities.

Benefit from training and certification programs that fit your needs

Once on board with Scalefocus, you will get access to a variety of technology and soft skills training. We don’t just talk the talk; we also walk the walk. Anyone who wants to get certified in a specific technology will have all resources to do so as well as ample support from the team. We take advantage of educational platforms like Udemy and Pluralsight and have a dedicated internal team that develops great soft skills trainings in different areas — conflict resolution, time management, effective communication, etc. For our colleagues who would like to take on managerial roles, we created our own LEAD program made up of practical interactive content.

Technology Expertise

Apache Airflow

Apache Flink

Apache Hive

Apache Spark

AWS Cloud

AWS Glue

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Lake Storage

Azure Databricks

Google Cloud


IBM Cloud

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Datastage



Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft SQL Server














The types of projects you will be working on

Our Data projects may vary in scale — we work with startups as well as with Fortune 500 companies — but they have something in common: providing data solutions that solve complex problems and facilitate business turnaround. Apart from our solid tech expertise with platforms like Oracle, AWS and Azure, we also take pride in our industry know-how — energy, healthcare and finance are some of the fields in which we have completed worthwhile projects. Take a look:

Meet the Technology Manager

“Data comes in all shapes and forms which makes it impossible to utilize unless it’s refined. In a sense, Data engineers turn information into knowledge and there is nothing quite as powerful as having knowledge at your disposal.”

Tanya Borisova

Data Technology Manager

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Data Engineer

Burgas, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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Senior Data Engineer

Bitola, Burgas, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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