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Development Program

Self-improvement is a lifelong process of constantly
searching for ways to change your habits so you can
reach your fullest potential.​​​​​​​

And EXPLORE is the place to start!

Explore captures several key development areas to help you be more self-aware, understand better others, improve team collaboration and communication, lead others and build stronger business relationships.

Each training module includes proven concepts & best practices explained in a simple and memorable way.

No boring theory! Each course guides the participants through the topics with inspiring stories, actionable tips, and self-reflection.

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Scalefocus People Self-improved



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What will you learn


  • Why is important to be a team player
  • How to be a person who makes others better
  • How to make your mindset grow again


  • Why do people follow leaders
  • Why do leaders fail

​​​​​​​Effective meetings

  • Prerequisites for leading successful meetings
  • Contributing as a participant to an effective meeting


  • Why conflict is something good
  • Model of eliminating the conflicts and turning them into productive collaboration

​​​​​​​Intercultural communication

  • Key aspects of Intercultural communication
  • Business culture map


  • How to communicate with total confidence
  • Hidden power of Storytelling

This training program includes


Practical Assignments

Article & Resources


Live Workshops

ScaleUp Badge

Certificate of completion

About the program

  • Up to 3 months to accomplish a module
Time Investment
  • 30min Personal Assignment
  • 1-hour Video Content & 30min Reading
  • 1.5-hour LIVE Workshop to accomplish a module
  • Self-Paced with fixed LIVE workshops
Target audience
  • All Scalefocus people
  • Scalefocus people who are considered for an official or informal lead position
  • Scalefocus people who communicate closely with clients, stakeholders and partners
  • English
  • Nomination from Direct Manager

Successful participants talk about their experiences at EXPLORE program

Explore training has become mature. Its new format requires more self-driven study process. This is great. Topic for intercultural communication is really actual and valid in multinational teams. Training will make you familiar how communication style, wording, expressions affect perception in different cultures. I would say “Explore” course has learned me to understand a bit better my colleagues across the Ocean.

– Mihail Mihaylov, Principal DevOps Engineer

I really liked the Explore program! There were very good short videos and additional articles that can help you in real situations. The workshops were amazing, all this together can put you in situation and make you think how to be better person and professional. If this program was last year, I would definitely understand better why my team lead behave like that, prevent some of the conflict situations and decisions that my team took.

– Vladislav Kavazov, Senior Software Engineer

Nothing less and nothing more than the name of the program itself – a chance to EXPLORE the depths of your psyche and become a better version of yourself in both personal and professional aspects. I’ve had a memorable experience so far – discovering different points of view and challenging my own. I would strongly recommend the program to anyone who seeks a way to improve their overall performance. Looking forward to the next rounds.”

– Angelina Yaneva, Brand Strategist

The Explore course I attended gave me concise information about the subject (conflict management) of the training and was very quick and easy to go through the content.

The unexpected benefit though, was during the final workshop, where I found good value resulting from the interaction with the other participants.”

– Alexander Velev, Technology Team Lead

After the workshop I saw how important is to be more assertive and to demonstrate to the team that you have what to contribute.

It was just a simulation, but I followed the group and we all went to the bottom of the Ocean, instead to lead them to the survival with the decision that I had.”

​​​​​​​- Karolina Bogojovska, Principal Software Engineer