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Increasing Employee Engagement with Energy Market Insights

Increasing Employee Engagement with Energy Market Insights

Success Story

As part of our client’s digital transformation journey, we previously delivered a mobile application that achieved 100% ROI in a few months and turned into a valuable new sales channel. After its quick success and proven value for the end-users, we were chosen as a long-term strategic technology partner for the next stepping stone of the journey – the Market Insights application. The app provides employees with the latest developments in the energy markets. Real-time overview of the prices of all energy sources, financial figures of energy companies, news from the industry, and all information relevant to shareholders, investors, and analysts.

90% Employee Engagement

Predictions Made on Realtime Data

1-Click Navigation for Crucial Insights

The Client

An international energy company that operates numerous power plants and leverages advanced technologies and innovations to manage large-scale power systems and infrastructure. The company sources oil, natural gas, and global commodities and trades electricity, emissions certificates, natural gas, LNG, and coal. They operate a sophisticated ecosystem of power plants and manage their own power infrastructure business.

The Solution

Our solution resulted in a simplified but yet powerful and elegant mobile app. The custom-built mobile solution was tailored to the industry-specific requirements and our client’s business needs for fast access to reliable complex data. The seamless and straightforward, yet versatile UX provided market insights with one click – which led to more engaged employees who have powerful industry intelligence tool at their fingertips. The app quickly became an important part of the client’s daily workflow, meetings, and even presentations.

Some key features include:

  • Complex interactive charts with filters and different comparison possibilities that allow users to combine data essential for them across various markets and commodities
  • Real-time market reports and market prices per Country/Region/Hub allowing data mining to precise location providing the building blocks of any sound strategic decision
  • Forecasts & Outlook Overview giving an assessment of energy demand and production, asset management, CO2 emissions, and other valuable data within a specific time-frame, combined with a forecasting feature that provides stakeholders with the ability to anticipate fluctuations in the energy market
  • Daily press review IR Daily provides news and updates about the company, the competition and the industry, stock market information and up-to-date energy sources’ prices.
  • Push Notifications & Messaging functionalities with different categories of notifications – messages, upcoming industry or company events, market alerts, new content, industry reports and analysis.
  • Audio & video podcasts supporting background playback, enabling employees to use their phones while remaining up to date with the latest insights from the industry and company
  • Integration of all front-end app components with back-end Azure ones to orchestrate workflows
  • Smart UX and widgets UI adjusts to usage, interests and needs of the different departments and users according to their digital behavior enriching the user experience
  • Offline capabilities last online data is always available and fully functional when offline


High employee engagement due to unique and feature-rich mobile application, creating entirely new user experience and empowering them with easy access to critical business data.

Specific results include:

  • 90% employee engagement through a simplified app, easy to use at any time anywhere
  • 1 click navigation for crucial business insights
  • Real-time data & alerts facilitating future industry predictions
  • Seamless information flow – important information is distributed via messages and push notifications
  • Offline capabilities – last online data always available and fully functional when offline

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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