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Premium Video App Development

Premium Video App Development

Success Story

Our client needed an efficient solution for a smooth mobile experience that is suitable for an online platform of their magnitude. Scalefocus built separate apps for cell phones, iPad, and Android tablets to improve video streaming and create a seamless customer journey.

134% faster data processing

Revenue growth from mobile advertising

Global expansion with a worldwide data center

The Client

The company is the largest video-sharing entertainment portal in Bulgaria. Our client is a national leader in the distribution of online visual production and provides a wide array of video content that appeals to viewers of various backgrounds and interests. Additionally, the channel airs various programs such as reality shows, sitcoms, and independent productions.

The Solution

As mobile devices were becoming ubiquitous, the company stakeholders realized they needed to enter this niche with an optimal solution that would provide the best experience to their viewers. Scalefocus was invited to step in and ensure that the portal web version would be complemented by a flawless mobile platform. The final solution would have to include four native apps available for all types of iOS and Android mobile devices. They would facilitate video distribution and sharing, meeting customer requirements with flexible infrastructure, dynamic functionalities, and an appealing user experience.

The final result brought in a significant increase in end-user satisfaction. The delivery team completed the task in a fast and diligent manner. It was essential that the apps would enable improved video streaming in a minimized screen, allowing uninterrupted video playing as well as profile customization where users would create, categorize, and manage their personal playlists. New functionalities included adding favorite channels and sharing videos on social networks with a single click.

Other major functionalities:

  • Enhanced search options and comments section
  • Single sign-on and quick access to the camera
  • Reliable background notifications
  • Watch on your TV’ option with a plugged-in Chromecast device
  • Personal playlists categorization and management


Scalefocus engineered a brand-new app architecture and upgraded the design, providing improved user experience. This resulted in the all-time highest ratings for the channel, more daily views, and mobile app downloads, as well as increased advertising and revenue.

Reported improvements include:

  • 200% increase in daily views rate
  • 134% faster data processing using the cloud based Bluebee platform for genomics data analysis
  • Revenue growth from mobile advertising
  • Several times increase in the number of mobile app downloads per day
  • Successful support of the global expansion with a worldwide data center and easy, transparent management capabilities

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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