Android App Development for Elderly Care Service

“They offer transparency and in-depth market analysis and assist in defining key milestones."

Felix Kuna | Co-Founder | Myo

The Case

The founders of Myo, a German-based Startup, conceptualized a communication app for elderly care service. The idea for the project came as a result of a realization that the German nursing care segment is heavily suffering from a lack of appropriate services for the elderly market.

Determined to deliver a positive change, the co-founders Jasper Böckel and Felix Kuna wanted to address the communication triangle between seniors, caregivers, and relatives by developing an android mobile app. The problem with their communication could be easily summarized in the following situation:

  • Seniors are unable to describe their own experiences
  • Caregivers have neither recognition nor appreciation
  • Relatives are not informed about the caregiving process

The goal of developing Myo was to improve the relationship between all three sides by creating transparency and engagement through the mobile app. As both co-founders came from a non-technical background, they needed to find a reliable partner to conduct a comprehensive business analysis and do the Android app development.

“We wanted a sophisticated business analysis so we could better understand what we were facing. All we had was an idea, so we wanted to find a consulting partner to bring it to life and assist us in implementing the technical part of our solution. Later, we asked them to develop a dedicated mobile app as well.”

Felix Kuna | Co-Founder | Myo

The Android App Development

ScaleFocus was chosen for the project to help the Startup in building the right solution, find the best product/market fit, test the product hypothesis, set the right functional and non-functional requirements, to avoid unnecessary engineering hours. Eventually, our company was determined as the right partner for the actual Android app development.

We formed a team of 8 software engineers, to design and build the architecture of an Android-based mobile application and a .NET-based back-end system.

The solution ScaleFocus delivered solves the communication problem laid out at the beginning by integrating a calendar, where the caregivers can properly record their daily activities and keep track of patients, the feedback from actual users solves the quality management and qualification issues.

The assisted living app further enables relatives to receive real-time information, in the form of notifications, emails, instant messages, etc., regarding the health condition of their beloved seniors.

“ScaleFocus was always available to answer any questions, share ideas for solutions, and keep us informed of development progress. Their team completed everything as per deadlines and supported us with high-quality deliverables.”

Felix Kuna | Co-Founder | Myo

Achievements by the Android App Development Team

ScaleFocus addressed the project professionally, turning business requirements into working software very efficiently. As a business outcome, the team building Myo contributed to achieving:

  • A working minimal viable product (alpha MVP) within 2 weeks after the development initiation
  • Agile product development process with frequent update releases ranging between once per week and multiple times per month
  • A modern and powerful final product built with a contemporary technological stack

About Myo

The unremitting Founders of Myo GmbH (Myo), an up and coming Startup based in Berlin, have taken upon the daunting task to digitize and bring transparency to a crucial part of the heavily strained elderly care system in Germany – the daily routines and interactions of caregivers, the elderly and their relatives. Myo provides a seamless and transparent way for caregivers to document and share the daily stories of the elderly patient via the Myo mobile application.

With Myo, the caregivers can inform relatives about trips, events, or other activities. The families have the reassurance that their loved one is in good hands – in a home, that delivers on the service that they promise, day in and day out. The platform also improves the communication between the families and the residents themselves. Seniors tend to forget to tell their children or grandchildren about the different activities they have experienced during their day. With Myo, they have great topics for discussion.

Technological Stack


.NET Core, Android Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Git, FireBase