Web Development for a Charity Website

“ScaleFocus did what we thought was impossible in rewriting and developing our new website. We strongly recommend them as a partner. They offer professional solutions and provide support with everything they can.”

Nelly Radeva | CEO | I CAN TOO Foundation

The Case

I CAN TOO Foundation is an international non-government organization (NGO). It has been helping children with special needs and their families since 2006. A decade later, their team felt that the organization’s digital presence must be refreshed.

To reach and connect with their target groups online, I CAN TOO needed a partner to help them transform their website. This meant building an intuitive portal with enhanced functionalities that is easy to navigate.

“One of our supporters recommended ScaleFocus, and we knew they were the right partner once we met with them. Their specialists have great professional experience.”

Nelly Radeva | CEO | I CAN TOO Foundation

The Solution

Sympathizing with their cause, ScaleFocus offered to help by performing a complete website recreation for I CAN TOO. As a socially responsible company, we provided our services completely free of charge.

To give their current website new blood, we formed a team of three specialists: a UX/UI designer and a couple of software developers. In close collaboration with I CAN TOO’s team, we built an innovative and user-friendly web platform.

In addition, we enhanced the part of the website that is not visible to the public. In other words, our team modernized I CAN TOO’S content management system. To complete the transformation, we upgraded the website from an informative one to a reliable web portal that facilitated charity fundraising and donation collection.

As we developed a strong relationship with them, ScaleFocus devoted additional capacity and company resources to help making the website easier to find on the major search engines. The goal was to attract a greater number of people from all around the world interested in I CAN TOO’s work.

“The team was always available to answer any question we had and kept us informed on the development progress. Our communication was highly effective.”

Nelly Radeva | CEO | I CAN TOO Foundation


  • Increased engagement with I CAN TOO’s target audience
  • Contributed to the growth of donations to the foundation with the new eCommerce features on the web portal
  • Contributed to the growth of donators by providing search engine optimization

About the Client

I CAN TOO Foundation is an international charity organization supporting children with special needs and their families. Founded in 2006, it has been raising awareness about the problems of these vulnerable kids and their loving ones.

The foundation joins efforts with celebrities, opinion leaders and organizations to provide youngsters with the opportunity to reach their full potential and fully integrate into the society.

I CAN TOO has been organizing social initiatives and events in their support tirelessly for more than a decade. In addition, the foundation created by Nelly Radeva has managed to build three therapeutic centers that help hundreds of children each month.

Technological Stack


WordPress, Xampp, Git, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript