Closed-Loop Payment and Distribution Platform for Secure and Efficient Product and Service Purchases

The Case

The client wanted to completely redesign and rebuild the customer’s set of Android applications (payments and e-commerce) and overhaul the existing integration with payment and processing systems. They needed a payment and distribution platform for secure and efficient product and service purchases.

The closed-loop payment and distribution platform solution

The solution that we designed is effectively a closed-loop payment and distribution platform that facilitates secure and efficient product and service purchases and processes corresponding payments. In effect, such an architecture limits the scope for fraud and ensures financial aid reaches its intended use. Our team was responsible for the thorough review and rebuilding of the company’s Android mobile applications – a next-generation payment service app and an E-commerce market app.



  • Closed-loop money transfers and payment operations.
  • Closed-loop E-commerce marketplace.
  • Own POS hardware device pairing.

Technologies used to build the payment and distribution platform


Mobile: Native Android (Kotlin)

About The Company

Our client, an NGO foundation funded a pioneering program of home-based HIV testing and treatment solution. Later, the organization evolved to facilitate access to finance for the purposes of home ownership of low- and middle-income class people, including those with HIV/Aids, and even these in under-resourced communities, where finance for such endeavors is not ordinarily available through the commercial market.