Comprehensive Smart Contracts Audit

The Case

The company hired us to do a comprehensive audit of their smart contracts.

The Comprehensive Smart Contracts Audit Solution

We audited the company’s smart contracts and ensured they adhere to the industry’s highest security standards. Additionally, we provided ongoing support and consultations related to the platform’s security and performance. The company launched the World’s First Instant Crypto-backed Loans and is backed by a leading FinTech Group, serving millions of people across Europe.



  • Automated and manual testing of smart contracts.
  • Thoroughly examined and analyzed the smart contracts’ security.
  • Ensured the smart contracts fulfilled the functional requirements of the company correctly, even in edge-cases.

Technologies used to do the comprehensive smart contracts audition

Blockchain: Solidity

About the Company

The company is one of the premier crypto-backed lenders globally. They’ve managed to raise $50M in their ICO. The company lends crypto backed loans worldwide. The company utilizes innovative blockchain technology to provide Instant Online Consumer Loans, E-Commerce Financing, and Bill Payment Services.