Cross-Border Blockchain Remittance Platform

The Case

The client wanted to leverage its market share and its international connectedness to financial institutions to enhance its product offering and digitize some of its operations. The company needed a one-stop-shop solution and wanted to deal with only one counterparty that can reliably deliver.

One of the main challenges was the integration process with payment processors. In this case, they didn’t always have full technical preparedness and established processes to sync-up. It was hard to provide a solution and work with companies that do not have payment processing APIs to share and sync with.

The financial services institution wanted to use innovative technologies to develop a blockchain-based platform which allows efficient cross-border remittances across Europe, Africa, and Asia. The company offers are targeted at segments of the population which don’t have direct access to basic banking services or simply priced out of the market, mainly in Africa. The project was complex and included a multitude of technical solutions – mobile, back-end, and blockchain.

The Solution: Cross-Border Blockchain Remittance Platform

We helped the company to create a next-generation money remittance service built with the blockchain technology. The decision to go for that technology was based on the need to have timely and accurate information on money streams in real time. Moreover, the actual remittance of value is executed through a stable coin tied to the value of the Euro. Our team was an exclusive partner and as such was responsible for the comprehensive technical development, starting with the core system development and extending to the development of UI/UX, back-end architecture, and management modules.

The newly created Android/iOS mobile wallets allow clients to transfer tokens to any other user with instant pay-in and payout options. Moreover, the platform was integrated with multiple local payment process providers, allowing its users to quickly, easily and securely load their wallets with fiat currency.

Technologies involved


Blockchain: Hyperledger

Front-end: Angular

Mobile: Native iOS & Android (Swift & Java/Kotlin)

Back-end: Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Zookeeper


Our team provided the company with a completely new business model. Delivery was very swift and as planned.  The overall outcome for the financial institution is:

Built custom blockchain solution based on Hyperledger technology, resulting in the following benefits:

    • Permission-based memberships
    • Performance, Scalability, and Trust levels
    • Data on a need-to-know basis
    • Rich queries over an immutable distributed ledger
    • Protection of digital keys and sensitive data

Built a comprehensive reporting module for monitoring of key metrics, like:

    • Customer account
    • Cashflow management

Created 3-D enabled secure digital wallets for storing users’ tokens and process payments.

About The Company

The company is a leading non-banking financial institution that serves the underbanked segment of the market – these are typically disadvantaged people that don’t have direct access to mainstream financial instruments. The financial services provider has an enviable market position with one of the largest retail networks in the region. It is established through strategic partnerships with non-competing entities. What they were missing was a true digital presence that will scale their business exponentially and help them expand regionally and internationally.