Custom Content Management System Development

Our team listened carefully to the client’s needs and fully delivered a first-class content management system to fulfill them.

Business challenge

The client needed to build a new and improved version of the internal Admin Tool for creation and management of items, part of the Product Information Management System (PIMS) in the form of a CMS.


Ultimately, all important operational segments were created in a new manner. We also optimized the workflow linked to the creation and management of the product pages via Service-oriented architecture.


Optimized the heavy process for Creating and Editing of the profiles of product information

Increased the flexibility and modernized the tool

Helped the client to move one step closer to migration from old legacy systems into the new optimized CMS

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Business challenge story

The purpose of our work was to aggregate functional, physical, technical and business information of a product in one platform to deliver product content for the shops and different business departments.

Transformation story

There was the shared aim to have the design of the Admin Tool improved and simplified. The admin of the CMS is now able to easily upload all pieces of information in order to create the item profile. Overall, the sections are organized in such a manner that there are:


  • Centralized item information collected and available in one source.
  • Improved process for creating, editing and adding product information through one channel.
  • Easy management of all functional, physical, technical and business information of a product.

Achievements story

Drawing on vast experience and expertise, our dedicated team delivered first-class CMS. We supported the client during both the development and the implementation phase of the new version of the Admin Tool. This led to the diverse set of achievements listed above.

About the client

With a customer base of 6 million customers, our client is among the largest retailers in Germany. The company offers a huge variety of technological items and gadgets spanning from computers and tablets to all types of smart devices which bring a lot of comfort to everyday life.


Their day-to-day business processes require them to be always in line with the new developments and introductions of the technological realm. As technology develops tremendously fast, they should always look for optimization opportunities which bring greater value to their customers.