Cyber Security Investigation and IT Infrastructure Audit

The Case

An ex-employee of our client had built the entire system infrastructure, yet intentionally left a lot of back-doors, which would let him access company-sensitive information and enable him to manipulate data, while he is outside of the physical entity. Once he decided to leave the company, problems started occurring.

Employees didn’t know how to address them, so they turned to him for help. He would show up, pretend to fix the issue and leave. This scenario went along for 3 months, until one night an employee noticed something unusual. Someone was moving his mouse hover around the PC screen, accessing the user’s web history and browsing data. Other team members also started noticing inconsistencies in documents. They had no idea who was doing this. One of the Managing Partners contacted the ScaleFocus team for help.

  • Breach of security
  • Data leaks
  • Tampering Data
  • Simulating Problems
  • Blackmailing

Cyber Security Investigation

One of our cyber security engineers did an analysis at the facility, speaking with all current employees. After a comprehensive system analysis, he discovered software agents, used for remote management of systems and information. The ex-employee was seamlessly interfering in important business processes, which would cause severe damages to both our client and his customers.

Furthermore, our customer didn’t have an antivirus system to detect such issues. Our security engineer installed a stand-alone antivirus agent. Network equipment was reconfigured as to not be accessible via internet, outside of the company. Back-ups of all company sensitive information were performed as well.


Our client found himself in a rather unpleasant and dangerous situation and needed urgent assistance. The ScaleFocus team managed to act quick and resolve all security-related issues. Our cyber security engineer strengthened the system infrastructure and secured it to prevent from further undesired interferences. He also provided a free security awareness consultation for all employees.

Here are the main outcomes of this endeavor:

  • Security hardening of the entire infrastructure, which would prevent from further data and information leakages
  • Employee education on how better manage security and not to provide sensitive info to anyone, outside of the company