Data Warehouse Implementation

As an outcome of the new DWH solution, our client gained 360-degree customer view and adopted a strategic approach to campaign management.

Business challenge

Our client replaced its heterogeneous legacy billing systems with an integrated and converged system. This improvement brought the need of redesigning the Data Warehouse.


ScaleFocus was involved in the entire DWH implementation life cycle. From infrastructure planning and core model architecture to UAT phase and support.


High available DWH with minimum downtime

Automated processes and DWH deployments

Faster time-to-market for new tariff plans

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Business challenge story

Our client improved significantly its customer care capabilities by replacing its heterogeneous legacy billing systems with a single integrated and converged system. Due to the changes in the billing system and the underlying OLTP model, the company also had to invest in a redesigned Data Warehouse (DWH) based on Teradata.

The redesign and implementation of the DWH had to be completed within a short time period, despite a number of time-consuming tasks (transferring hundreds of attributes from the new billing system to the DWH, analysis of large amount of technical documentation, etc.). The telecom entrusted the execution of this critical project to ScaleFocus - a company with superior DWH expertise and deep telecom experience.

Transformation story

ScaleFocus was involved in all major project activities: infrastructure planning, core model architecture, source-target mapping (STM), implementation of ETL scripts, design of transformation algorithms, system / integration tests and UAT (User Acceptance Test) support.

Some of the key technical accomplishments were:

  • Teradata Communications Logical Data Model implementation.
  • Realization of STM for the PDM (Physical Data Model) tables in scope.
  • Creation of fact, dimension and dictionary tables logic.
  • Complete mapping and transformation documentation.
  • Implementation of transformation and integration logic (compliant with Teradata standards).
  • Preparation of large source to target matrices and delivery of 1000+ scripts/configuration files.

Achievements story

The new DWH implementation was a complete success and delivered the following benefits:

  • Data integrity and functional consistency
  • Faster time-to-market for new tariff plans
  • Enhanced campaign management and 360-degree customer view
  • High availability with minimum planned downtime
  • Automation of processes and procedures, minimizing manual tasks
  • Maximum visibility and minimum response time

About the client

The client is one the of the largest telecom providers in Central and Eastern Europe.