Updated Database Infrastructure System for eGames Giant

The resourcefulness of ScaleFocus brought the client a compilation of top-notch services.

Business challenge

The client’s previously built database infrastructure systems were experiencing frequent troubles while operating with outdated capacity. This made it necessary to find a partner with the right expertise to update it.


The final result was built as an upgrade to the client’s existing database infrastructure system. The solution consists of an all-around system that keeps track of the games. It also matches and manages their running time and provides information about their status.



High availability and scalability

Statistics management

New generation of statistics management

Bug Fixing

Faster bug fixing system

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Business challenge story

Recently, gaming has been gaining popularity. Individuals from various backgrounds, ages and occupation are been captivated by the virtual reality. As a result, the previously built database infrastructure systems of our client were experiencing frequent troubles while operating with outdated capacity.

This misfunction would limit the progress of the company and drop the quality of the user experience down. Due to the rise in interest in their services, the client decided to combine forces with ScaleFocus in order to utilize its management processes.

Transformation story

In addition to the already stated final result, there was another challenge in terms of adapting and implementing custom fraud detection. Eventually, it was integrated with the functionalities to include an admin graphical user interface which would be comfortable to operate with and update if necessary, in the future.

Achievements story

The benefit for the customer was a new approach to micromanaging small and medium tasks. They were granted further capacities to control enormous amounts of information and data regarding player profiles, events, matches, etc.

There is also growth in security via enhanced fraud prevention system. The successful development of the database infrastructure system led to diverse benefits such as:

  • Management optimization of player accounts
  • Management optimization of events, games and matches

About the client

Our client is a leading eSports company which organizes and hosts gaming competitions around the globe. With versatile expertise and engagement, their team has been primarily involved in managing professional leagues and championships. Their events are being visited by tens of thousands of attendees. As a company of such magnitude, they have a great number of projects on a global scale and many player accounts.