Debt Management Software Solution

The Case

The Leading Bulgarian Debt Collection company was looking to build an integrated software system for management of debt collection operations – both, in purchased debt (incl. legal collection and assets management) and contingency collection (call and filed). Their legacy debt management software solution was not capable of meeting the latest requirements for effective debt collection. It was custom developed, yet the core and business need to be changed over time. This is why the company started to search for a new tailor-made solution.

The required system shall meet the current and anticipated future needs of the Company, inclusive of regulatory requirements. However, it must be designed with minor modification and additions. Moreover, a newly built system must be able to accommodate the needs of other companies, competitors and external customers across the globe (e.g. in-house collection departments of banks, financial organizations, etc.).

Technical Stack

  • Service Layer: Web API 2, C#, Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, IIS, Microsoft ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft ASP.NET SignalR, AutoFac, Moq, RabbitMQ, Consul, Seal Report
  • Database: Oracle 12c DB, Apache SOLR, Dapper & Entity Framework
  • Data Access: Entity Framework / Dapper, ADO.NET
  • Presentation: Aurelia Framework, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, NPM, Bootstrap, Webpack, jQuery, Karma, Jasmine-core, Babel
  • Source Control: GIT

The Debt Management Software Solution

ScaleFocus was picked as a custom software development company for this project due to its proven track record of delivering large-scale tailormade projects on time. There were numerous references and good reviews of the company’s expertise. ScaleFocus software engineering team created from ground zero the debt collection software. The ScaleFocus team started with an in-depth analysis of the current deployment. They analyzed all business layers and adapted to always transforming business needs.

The ScaleFocus engineers built a solid strategy and present it to the debt collecting company. The strategy was divided into different stages and is based primarily on the different aspects of the debt collection processes (call and field / plus legal). During development time ScaleFocus software engineers simplified and streamlined the debt collection processes. They also created multitenant architecture, to help the company sell this solution to third parties. To accomplish this transformation, ScaleFocus experienced development team developed a microservice architecture which allows better software scalability and fault tolerance. Moreover, they have created a sophisticated testing environment that allows better decision making and faster implementation of new business needs.


  • Simplified and streamlined technology stack
  • Significantly reduced existing technical debt
  • Built multitenant architecture
  • Optimized the overall debt collection process
  • Increased the total amount of debt collations
  • Decreased the amount of effort needed to maintain the software operational system
  • Added testability through custom automation framework
  • Provided state of the art reporting system for better processes overview
  • Improved the overall system performance compared to the old software solution