Digital Transformation Remote Delivery Center

The Case

Major business challenges:

  • Inability to enter new market segments because of constraints in the legacy platform
  • Cost-inefficient set of duplicated technology platforms assembled over the course of multiple acquisitions
  • Highly inefficient new product launch process resulting in lead times of up to 30 days


Technological challenges


  • Monolithic architecture
  • Legacy technology stack
  • No documentation
  • Engineering occupied with fire fighting
  • Difficulties maintaining target uptimes

The Remote Delivery Center

During the first year of the relationship, ScaleFocus’ RDC provided targeted staff augmentation to the California engineering teams. During the second year, the customer transferred technical ownership for a number of key in-flight projects.  The RDC also significantly optimized the overall delivery processes and existing solutions.  The RDC also implemented new best practices, stood up a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and built out global infrastructure support capabilities.


ScaleFocus’ RDC also introduced and later expanded transformational concepts such as cost-effective self-contained engineering teams.  These self-contained teams take end-to-end responsibility for continuous operations.  The team does not rely on other teams to develop, test, release and operate its delivery in a continuous manner without compromising quality and at the same at a lower cost than more traditional matrixed delivery teams.



Our estimates are that during the 2017 financial year, the customer realized $3.7 million in Operational Expense savings from the work delivered by our team.  The customer also successfully executed a key phase of their multi-year business transformation while growing revenue more than projected.


  • Simplified and personalized the online purchasing process
  • Reduced time to market for new products: new products can be configured in 1 day down from 30 days
  • Grew the strategically important mobile business
  • Simplified the consumer creation experience, resulting in more photos uploaded and more product purchases
  • Implemented cleaner, simpler UX design on consumer websites, increasing consumer engagement and conversions


Platform Transformational/Organizational

  • Modernized the technology stack
  • Moved infrastructure to Cloud to realize cost savings because customer doesn’t need to maintain excessive spare infrastructure capacity to handle holiday peaks
  • Augmented and scaled operations
  • Execute a partner-led process and technology transformation
  • Expanded technology group to Bulgaria including full capabilities to deliver at a project-level granularity, up from Sprint and Story / Task-level granularity at the start of the relationship

Product Engineering and Operational Achievements

  • Simplified and streamlined technology stack and platforms
  • Significantly reduced existing technical debt
  • Deployed an efficient offshore team with a small onshore footprint to execute transformation in an expedient and cost-efficient manner
  • Implemented a highly-configurable hybrid-cloud modular platform based on a modern architecture stack: JAVA EE, Spring, Microservices, AWS
  • Executed multiple performance optimizations across the platform
  • Implemented SLA-based monitoring of business services and integrated all existing fragmented monitoring solutions
  • Deployed business user friendly dashboard panels for live business monitoring
  • Eliminated 90% of false positive alerts with a custom automation framework
  • Achieved consistent zero downtime for all flagship customer-facing websites and services
  • Increased speed and scalability of key websites and supporting applications
  • Developed a client-customized learning and development program to onboard new team members in California and Bulgaria
  • Executed 21 different trainings to raise the capabilities of the RDC team

About The Client

Our client is a U.S. leading manufacturer and digital retailer