Employee Assessment System

The Case

OMV Bulgaria offers diversified supplementary services: national lottery and hall concerts’ tickets, gift cards, ability to sign an insurance policy, utility bills payment etc.

OMV Management needed to launch platform for employees’ assessment, measuring compliance of service and customer care, based on OMV standards. This was essential step towards the success and top positions on the Bulgarian oil distribution market. The platform’s main aim was to give full estimation of employees’ current awareness of presented add-ons offered at OMV braches.

The Solution

ScaleFocus offered a custom, highly configurable platform consisted of two main modules – administrative and end-user panels. The administrative panel is used by the OMV’s HR Department to manage catalogs of employees’ profiles, questions and questionnaires. The end-user panel is used by the OMV employees to pass tests and review test results.

The solution supports the configuration of various types of open, closed and multi-choice questions and their combinations of open and closed answers and assessment. This flexibility enables the administrators to create polls and evaluate their results quickly and in a simple manner.

Questionnaires are configurable, allowing to apply a custom rating system and test duration, both taken into consideration during results’ calculation. The flexible configuration model supports large number of questions’ controls, such as a single choice, open text, mixed content questions.

The platform supports generation of tests with random questions for each user of the system from an array containing a large pool to select from.

The administrative panel summarizes the results for the authorized OMV personnel and allows them to see the responses given by the assessed users. It also provides functionality for manual grading of answers given to open questions or combination of open and closed answers, which cannot be graded automatically.


Additional capabilities:

  • Question and answer weight – depending on complexity some questions may give more points than others
  • Select multiple users to access and take the exams
  • Option to view exam status – users who have participated in the exam, pending etc.
  • Ability to create and manage questions into specialized categories (technology, IQ, etc.) and create questionnaires from a pile of individual questions or question categories


The proposed solution is hosted by ScaleFocus onto a specialized to OMV sub-domain and is accessible from OMV’s internal network. All security features of OMV are met at all means. Personal details of employees are managed and maintained according to the OMV’s corporate processes and validated as per the Bulgarian standards for personal details (full names, personal ID number, etc.)

Each employee can be tracked by personal details, office address/office ID, or test results, by authorized OMV managers who have access to the admin panel of the OMV test system. Administrators are enabled with rights to create/edit/delete users, create/edit/delete questionnaires, create/edit/delete questions with validation, when modifying or deleting, of all catalogs if are participating in active user tests or not.


  • Automatic scoring and reports generation
  • Faster assessment of newly introduced policies for products and services
  • Higher overall level of preparation of OMV employees for high-quality customer relations

About OMV Bulgaria

OMV Bulgaria was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of the Austrian OMV Aktiengesellschaft. The company owns and operates as a chain of fuel filling stations in Bulgaria. Currently, more than 2000 employees are occupied in 89 sites across the country. OMV is one of the largest investors in Bulgaria with 17% of market share in the sector.