End-to-End Data Warehouse Solution Implementation

“ScaleFocus’ professionalism lead to an efficient and agile workflow, which resulted in the project being delivered timely and with supreme quality.”

Alexander Halachev | Security Operations Centre Manager | Caretower

The Case

Having spent extended amounts of time in the past, focusing on managing internal processes and delivering client reports, Caretower had concluded that they need a sophisticated analytics application to automate and speed up their data and reporting activities. The company required an in-debt analysis of their business process in order to get a better understanding of what they were facing and how to optimize their business intelligence going into a better reporting and data-driven future. Additionally, Caretower wanted to provide their customers with a functionality to monitor and produce their own reports, tailored to their specific need.

The End-to-End Data Warehouse Solution

In the beginning, Caretower came in with several high-level ideas in mind for their case of streamlining data and reporting. Our team consulted with them, having in mind Caretower’s industry specifics and according to current best practices in data warehousing and reporting. After which, ScaleFocus’s data warehouse team began with a thorough analysis of the existing Caretower systems, data flows and available reports. Our team consulted Caretower on the types of reports that would be needed – both internal and for their clients. Based on this analysis, the project scope and specifications were defined. A decision was made that an end-to-end data warehouse solution would be needed in order to accommodate all project requirements.


“With the new solution implemented, we are now able to focus the work during the business analysis phase and consequently streamline our operational efficiency.”


Alexander Halachev | Security Operations Centre Manager | Caretower

After analyzing Caretower’s needs and requirements, the project scope was defined, and the development of the Data Warehouse began. Based on the data and type of reports which Caretower needed, the structure and architecture of the data warehouse solution was designed. Additionally, ScaleFocus worked on the ETL integration process for the data warehouse. The process of ETL – Extract, Transform and Load, is a vital step towards properly formatting and preparing the data, going into any storage system. The triple combination of ETL, gives context and greater insight to the data used, consequently enhancing Business Intelligence for better decision making.

With the ETL processes in place the data warehouse team created all needed reports, which would be used both by Caretower for internal purposes and by their clients. The newly available reports allow customers of Caretower to easily monitor various KPIs for their personal systems. Additionally, it enables them to perform ad-hoc analysis that leverage the self-service capabilities of Caretower’s platform.


The efficient workflow between Scalefocus and Caretower, facilitated the timely delivery and overall success of the project. The newly implemented data warehouse solution proves to have an instant effect on Caretower’s internal business and customer success.

Caretower achieved the following immediate benefits, upon the implementation of the data warehouse solution:

  • Reduced cost associated with onboarding of new customers.
  • Increase in cross-sell rates due to new features of the self-service analytics platform.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Enabled monitoring and improvement of Caretower’s internal operational excellence, through tailored management reporting.

“I was most impressed by the exceptional expertise and delivery approach which the ScaleFocus team brought to the table. They were able to quickly grasp our needs and promptly adapt to the specifications. ScaleFocus’ professionalism lead to an efficient and agile workflow, which resulted in the project being delivered timely and with supreme quality.”


Alexander Halachev | Security Operations Centre Manager | Caretower

About the Client

With over 20 years of experience, Caretower is a UK-based, cyber security company, providing comprehensive solutions to its customers’ security needs. Its persistent business growth over the past 10 years has led to Caretower becoming a market leader in network security and protection. Over the years they have established longstanding relationships with all major security vendors, leading them to become one of Europe’s leading value-added managed service providers. Apart from their core services, Caretower also provides consultancy on security and risk assessment measures.

Technological Stack


  • Microsoft SQL server
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • IBM Cognos 11