Energy Supply and Sales Platform Modernization

Our team’s diversified expertise made it possible to complete the project seamlessly and on time.

Business challenge

Our engineering team was engaged in the development of their next-generation web-based monitoring and control platform which would enhance the energy distribution and sales processes.


The technological partnership resulted in a next-generation digital platform for energy supply and sales functions.


A higher level of code-quality analysis and checks, refactoring and formatting against the coding guidelines - automated by CI/CD

Improved peer code review procedure, enforced by CI/CD and tools (Bitbucket/Jira)

Enhanced automated backup procedure

Need a technology partner?

Business challenge story

ScaleFocus was identified to be a technology partner in order to integrate remarkable processes in the software delivery pipeline. They would result in an efficient, high-quality and durable production and sales platform. It would have a central interface for the bundling of trade and sales functions for utilities and industrial customers. The platform would integrate several crucial processes such as balancing group management, spot trading, load profile and portfolio management, forecasting and more.

Transformation story

There is an introduction of Continuous Integration/Continuous Development best practices in complex hybrid IT landscape. Furthermore, there has been a modernization and stabilization of an existing application landscape to enforce scalability. Our team successfully completed:


  • A front-end and back-end solution audit and performance assessment
  • Custom application development and quality assurance
  • Application and Business-as-Usual management services
  • Preparation for real-time data provisioning


Our team created a new DEV environment, built from scratch, using CI/CD with automated provisioning. After the modernization, the most critical business cases are covered by manual/automated test-cases. The test-case management tool in use is quite adept – it can be used both for writing and executing test scenarios, creating test-plans, etc.


We also devoted energy to creating a Software Development gap-analysis document with specific outlined areas for improvement for consistent quality control over the development, quality and infrastructure delivery process.

Achievements story

In addition to the abovementioned benefits, our work resulted in Faster Bug-fixing / New feature development and proper understanding of the internal condition with the key areas needing improvement.

About the client

The customer is a company which produces, procures, trades, and distributes energy resources, namely, electricity and gas. As one of the largest European municipal utility companies, they open up the potential of liberalized energy markets for municipal utilities along the entire value-added chain. and repositioning of worthy items.