Flexible Enterprise-Level Forecasting Through an IBM Cognos Express Implementation

The Case

Due to the dynamic nature of EOS’ business and the need for strict budgeting and forecasting of revenues/expenses and other financial indicators, EOS monitors its financial situation and stability on a weekly basis.

Constantly striving for innovation, EOS Matrix was searching for options to implement a modern and powerful planning solution. ScaleFocus’ team positioned IBM Cognos Express as the ultimate choice for optimized, stable and flexible enterprise-level forecasting.

The IBM Cognos Express Implementation


The solution consists of reporting and planning tools for internal use (between departments) and external reporting (towards the state regulatory and group level).

ScaleFocus’ consultants performed business and data analyses in order to:

  • Ensure full alignment between the business requirements and proposed technical solution.
  • Identify all desired deliverables and their format.
  • Identify crucial business knowledge holders in order to apply and improve the existent business processes within the solution.
  • Implement gap analysis between EOS’ source systems (ERP and CRM) and the desired end solution based on IBM Cognos Express.
  • Analyse the existent and determine the desired data quality.
  • Map requirements to data models and source systems’ capabilities.


After the project initiation steps the core BI/reporting implementation consisted of:

  • Design and development of custom reports using IBM Cognos tools for internal reporting as per business users’ requirements.
  • Development of reports towards regulatory institutions and parent company.
  • Data model modification and development.
  • Participation in building the rudimentary DWH.
  • Data cleansing in order to ensure a single-point of truth for EOS’ financial consultants.
  • Knowledge transfer and specialized trainings for the day-to-day use of the various functionalities of the solution (custom reports, planning, “what-if” analysis).

Technological Stack


  • IBM Cognos Express
  • Oracle 11g
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Atlas ERP

IBM Cognos Express Implementation Benefits

  • Over 400% increase in the speed of reporting
  • Facilitated flexible enterprise-level forecasting
  • Significant reduction in the probability of errors, generated during manual data entry
  • Facilitated traceability due to database’s level of reliability
  • Optimized identity and access management – different users have access only to the data they are supposed to operate with
  • Transparency, flexibility, audit of reports, budgets and more

About EOS Matrix

EOS Matrix is a Bulgarian leading debt management company which was founded in 2002. It offers individualized solutions for debt collection and debt purchase. The company is a member of the EOS Group, part of the Otto Group.