Faster time-to-market and revenue growth through a Web Portal Development

The Case

The insurance sector in Bulgaria is developing in a highly competitive environment. To maintain their lead, top insurers need to focus on key differentiators such as quick and precise solutions customized to clients’ needs, flexible and innovative service platforms and holistic, high-touch customer experience.

After a thorough market and internal analysis, DZI decided to invest in creating a custom platform that addresses serious business challenges such as new product delays, constrained intermediary performance (insurance agents and brokers) and lack of unified, timely information. Prompt and professional service to customers was jeopardized by inconsistency of systems, rules and information on insurance products. In order for DZI to remain at the top of the Bulgarian insurance market, it had to focus on a unified online transaction policy processing and improved customer experience.

The Web Portal Development

The project involves the development of a holistic, streamlined portal solution providing all DZI intermediaries unified access to important information. The solution is integrated with the company’s core insurance system and with several external systems. All integration is based on web services, open standards and single sign-on. The system also includes CASCO insurances, eMTPL (Motor Third Party Liability) and an integrated online calculator.

The project is implemented on highly scalable, cloud-oriented technologies. Liferay was chosen as the content management framework for the execution of the web portal. It enables portlet development, collaboration among users and extensibility. This approach also enables high-performance and highly-available online services. In addition, it improves the usability and facilitates content maintenance since non-technical people can change content in the portal, according to their defined responsibilities.

The user interface is based on technologies for high usability and performance – YUI, JavaScript, HTML5. The portal integrates with back-end systems using Axis2 and Java technologies.

The Achievements


  • Optimization of the multi-channel interaction
  • Faster time to market for products and quick adaptation to business changes
  • Ability to address the requirements of very price-sensitive and highly demanding clients

About DZI

DZI has over 65 years of history in the Bulgarian insurance market. It is one of the premier insurance companies in Bulgaria focusing on innovative and flexible products and services. Since 2007, DZI has been part of KBC Group of Belgium. Through KBC, the company has gotten access to deep international expertise and best practices in order to maintain a high quality standard for its products, policies and processes. DZI offers products in three main insurance lines: life, general and health.