Focus Courier - Logistics Software Solution

"Focus Courier" helped InTime achieve 14% increase in annual revenue."

Atanas Belopitov | Financial Manager | InTime (UPS Bulgaria)

The Case

At the end of 2012 In Time Ltd. (InTime), exclusive representative of UPS for Bulgaria made a strategic decision to improve the company’s business performance by increasing its market share in the B2B and B2C segments. The goal was to improve the quality of courier services and to target a positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The company’s legacy software and IT infrastructure environment required a large sustained investment to meet the dynamic new business imperatives. It was expensive and complex to develop new functionality. Even the day-to-day support costs were continuously growing. Further spending on the current platforms did not make sense from a financial and technical perspectives.

In cooperation with ScaleFocus, InTime decided to develop a new upgraded technology platform that would meet the following high-level criteria:

  • The solution needed to be highly customizable to address the specific business processes of InTime. The financial investment was directed towards implementing the company’s own workflows rather than modifying them to fit a standard ERP.
  • Ensure a long platform life through standardization and openness, seamless integration, horizontal scalability, infrastructure independence and multi-layered highly secure deployment.

Technological Stack


Java, Apache Tomcat, Apache Maven, Hibernate JPA, Spring, Flyway, JasperReports, Vaadin, HTML5, CSS3, Eclipse, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Jenkins, SVN

Focus Courier

InTime chose the “Focus Courier” solution framework for logistics and shipping companies. ScaleFocus’ team team developed, customized, integrated and implemented all core Focus Courier business processes including:

  • End-to-end processing of bills of lading
  • End-to-end tracking of shipments – from the ordering process to delivery
  • Creation, processing and exchange of all applicable financial documents
  • Flexible branch management
  • Management of transportation routes and schedules
  • Sophisticated and exhaustive management of clients and contracts including customer-specific pricing and campaign management
  • Real-time and analytical reports enabling timely business insights

The Achievements

“After the successful completion of this project, ScaleFocus became a preferred and long-term partner in the field of development, delivery and support of software systems and customized IT solutions.” says Evtim Arsov, IT Manager at InTime.

  • Simplification and alignment of the business processes across the company – currently over 300 employees are using Focus Courier
  • Increase of the customer satisfaction levels by eliminating inconsistencies during shipment handling
  • Improved processing of return receipts and payments
  • Improved new customer onboarding and campaign management processes
  • Increased customization of services through the ability to define contracts and terms and conditions for each individual customer
  • Reduced operating costs by cutting down the time and effort for handling and processing shipment requests
  • Savings achieved by using customized transportation route options
  • Reduced operational risk – Focus Courier is deployed as a highly available and secure enterprise solution with embedded capabilities for preventive monitoring and maintenance

“After the introduction of Focus Courier, our yearly revenue increased by 14%. Moreover, both our employees and clients benefit from the new system which is user-friendly and ensures a pleasant experience.

Scale Focus proved that the company has highly qualified professionals and a very competent managerial team, which took part in all phases of the project. Executive management attention was always there when needed in key milestones of the project, including consultancy for external than our relationship services.”

Evtim Arsov | IT Manager | InTime (UPS Bulgaria)

About InTime (UPS Bulgaria)

In Time is a logistics company founded in 1990. From its inception, In Time has been an authorized service contractor for UPS in Bulgaria. The company has 35 offices around the country and covers 100% of its territory. In Time is a pioneer in express domestic courier services. The company delivers packages entirely using its own vehicles, offering wide-range of services and flexible transit times. For its international business, In Time uses daily charter planes and guarantees fast service abroad.