Empowering Communication and HR Transformation Through an Intranet Portal Development

The Case

Our client’s goal was to interlock employee’s innovation capacity and feedback with a tool for productivity, which fosters sharing culture, open communication and motivated decision making. Thus the bank realized the need for a centralized IT solution to help them with fast and effective cross-department communication and fit their complex hierarchy structure, dispersed office locations and growing number of employees.

As part of their internal communication strategy they decided to implement an intranet portal which streamlines the information flow and availability as well as drive employee engagement to the desired level.

The Intranet Portal Development

ScaleFocus was chosen to implement the solution as a trusted consultant and advisor with knowledge of business process optimization and their transformation to automated IT solutions, tailoring for exact fit to customers’ needs. The bank relied on ScaleFocus’ expertise and previous experience to implement most of the internal business processes, mimicking and improving them in order to create a holistic and single-point-of-communication solution for all employees of the bank.

The intranet portal is based on Java and uses Liferay as an open-source Portal and CMS as scalable technologies which were extended to the specific needs of the client. It includes modules for HR, marketing, events, notifications, trainings, news, discussions, comments, document management, galleries, online tests, calendars, questionnaires etc. The portal includes social media functionality with collaboration possibilities achieved by a meetups module. A specialized idea generation module was developed in order to cover the brainstorming and idea sharing process in the company. The message boards and a customized task module were implemented in order to handle an improved task management model for the company.

The integration part of the project was a challenge which ScaleFocus successfully handled enabling company’s active directory, employees and organization structures database and employees’ photos as integral part of the Intranet Portal. Lotus Notes and Domino provided the complete infrastructure needed to create, test, deploy, and manage distributed, multi-lingual applications, including directory, database, application server, administration, security, connectivity, Web server, e-mail server, calendaring engine, and so on all in one application.

Technologies Involved


Java, JavaScript, JQuery, JSPs, JSR 286, JSR 170, Liferay, Apache Tomcat, XML, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, MySQL DB, Apache HTTP Server, JSON, Eclipse, Jenkins, NTLM, LDAP, SQL, Liferay Social Office.

The intranet portal enabled the company's management to:

  • Improve the internal corporate communication.
  • Increase overall organizational productivity and unlock hidden innovative potential.
  • Use it as an internal social media channel which will stimulate employees’ engagement with different type of tasks and events.
  • Provide the employees with easy access to useful information such as documents, images, videos etc.
  • Improve task management in all departments and increase the collaboration between them.
  • Collect a variety of creative ideas from employees and to be taken under further consideration and evaluation by the management.
  • Let the employees take part in product and process improvement.
  • Improve the working environment and make it friendly and transparent.
  • Develop a secure source of employees’ feedback on workflows and work environment in terms of comments, recommendations and complaints.

Achievements and future goals


Despite its complexity, the intranet portal was successfully handled and launched. The most important benefit for our client is the capability to use a fully integrated system which holds all the information about employees, customers, events, trainings, news and everything else that is relevant to the organizational business structure for the first time.

  • Simplification and alignment of the business processes across the company – currently close to 3000 employees are using the new intranet portal.
  • Reduced number of internal error-prone processes.
  • Improved customers’ satisfaction by increasing in the speed of customer service.
  • Increased employees’ interaction and involvement in key internal initiatives.
  • Employee and overall process time saving due to improved productivity and efficiency in task management processes.
  • Increase employees’ participation in company events and trainings which led to higher business potential of the company.

The Client

The company is one of the market leaders in universal banking services in Bulgaria, including 3 business segments – Corporate Banking (large, medium and small companies), Retail Banking (private individuals, micro companies and entrepreneurs) and Treasury & Investment Banking. Currently there are more than 150 branches in the country with close to 3000 employees.