Open-Source Integration Layer Development

The Case

Striving to deliver a superior omni-channel fulfillment, our client invested in a new e-commerce center. It was an addition to their already existing online platform, which ships merchandise from the entire network and offers the option for customers to buy online and pick up the item locally.

The company’s management decided to migrate the existing enterprise integration software TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks to a custom open-sourced integration layer to ensure perfect interoperability of their IT landscape.

The project delivery was delegated to ScaleFocus, as a preferred technological partner, due to proven excellence in custom software development and enterprise application integration.

The Open-Source Integration Layer

The open-source integration layer is based on Java-related technologies. The solution’s architecture was thoroughly chosen after series of discussions. ScaleFocus also provided consultancy services to ensure the integration layer’s full alignment with all business requirements.

The integration layer relies on Apache Camel as an integration framework, complemented by Spring. ScaleFocus’ integration team mirrored the existing data formats and interactions, where appropriate. Apache Kafka ensures real-time event processing serving as a distributed streaming platform.

IBM WebSphereMQ is implemented at the new integration layer, handling all queues between the warehouse management systems (WMS) and Apache Camel integration framework, contributing to a fast, reliable, and secure IT landscape.

The solution meets the two major business requirements of the client. Apache ZooKeeper ensures high availability and supports failover scenarios through a locking mechanism, enabling the integration layer to operate in Active/Passive mode and securing the retail chain’s same-day order capabilities.

The solution impacts a variety of interfacing applications in the client’s IT landscape (Item, Vendor, ASN, Order, Pickticket, PIXes, Invoice) empowering the company to:

  • Take advantage of more effective inventory and order management.
  • Process highest levels of inbound receipts and outbound shipments even faster.
  • Assign labor and equipment resources on a real-time basis to continuously optimize the ordering process.
  • Accommodate the evolving need for increased units per hour.
  • Enhance eCommerce fulfillment process.


Technological Stack


Java, Spring, Apache Camel, Apache ZooKeeper, Apache Kafka, IBM WebSphere MQ, ActiveMQ, Oracle DB, JUnit, TIBCO EMS


  • Facilitated flexible and versatile Omni-channel center
  • Improved throughput capacity and time of fulfillment
  • Simplified custom data flow and unlimited scalability
  • Ability to fulfill orders, based on each channel’s unique handling, packaging and delivery requirements.

About our client

Our client is one of the largest department stores in the USA. Our client also offers online shopping through its website.